Concrete Boom Pump Price

Concrete boom pump is a large investment that costs you more than other pumps and the concrete boom pump price is affected by many factors.

Luton offers a lower price than the market price while ensuring the high quality of the pumps. Choose a concrete model and get a customized quote now.

concrete boom pump price

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Our Concrete Boom Pump Display

Luton provides multiple concrete pumps with various boom lengths from 30 meters to 70 meters.

The concrete pump boom price can differ greatly and needs to be negotiated. The markets price is $90, 000 to $350, 000, and our price is lower than the market price, tell us your business requirement and we will offer you the best concrete boom pumps price.

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What Concrete Pump Boom Can We Provide?

In Luton, you can choose various concrete pump trucks with different boom lengths from short boom to super long boom.

14m, 32m, 36m, 61m, 65m, and 70m concrete boom pumps are all available, and they are all mostly picked by many customers globally.

  • 30-70m concrete boom pump for sale
  • Customized concrete pump with long booms
  • Short concrete pump truck

How Does a Concrete Boom Cost?

To be honest, the concrete boom pump may cost you a fortune, but it is necessary for many large industrial constructions to improve work efficiency.

Currently, the market of the concrete boom price is $90, 000 to $350, 000, much higher than any other type of concrete pump.

Here in Luton, we promise to offer a lower price than the market price, since we are a professional and leading manufacturer in China, we have been producing pumps for more than 20 years with sophisticated technology and patents.

Since the price varies very differently from short boom to long boom, therefore the price needed to be further negotiated. Contact us to get a free and customized quote.

Points to Check When Buying a Concrete Boom Pump

Before you make the final decision to buy a cement boom truck pump, pay attention to the following aspects:

Oil leakage

Leakage may be found on the sealing surface and pipe joints of the machine due to loosening, wear, vibration, and heating of the machine.

During actual operation, oil leakage is exposed under vibration and impact.

Loose parts

The geometry and matching sizes change in assembled parts. Therefore, excessive wear is easily caused owing to the effects of thermal deformation and alternating loads such as vibration in the early stage.

The initially tightened parts were loose and loose parts need to be checked to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

Wear rate

Once the construction work starts, the pump truck will keep working. No matter what the wear may cause on the operation the concrete pump will not stop working.

Unless the parts of the pump truck or the operating system are broken or not working, the pump will stop. Therefore the overload is inevitable.

However, you still should pay attention to the wear rate of the part, because if the part wears out soon, you need to replace and maintain the pump, which is not easy work for such a large concrete pump.


Generally, the concrete pump truck adopts full hydraulic technology, so the first thing to consider is that whether the hydraulic technology used is advanced, the quality of hydraulic components.

The concrete pump truck is power by the engine, therefore, the engine performance and quality, carrying capacity, and quality of the car chassis are also important factors.

If it is used for the construction of the new countryside, then the narrow road and chassis width should also take into consideration to check whether it can normally pass through the narrow road or small construction space.

Working conditions

The main performance parameters of the selected concrete pump truck shall match or exceeds the casting needs. Otherwise, the low utilization rate is unable to meet the construction requirements, which will accelerate the loss of the concrete pump truck.

In recent years, with the development of urbanization and the construction of new countryside, pump trucks are popular in small projects of building repair and road paving.

Therefore, the working conditions and real purpose should be taken into consideration if you have had urban and new rural construction projects for a long time.

If you buy a small pump truck, it is affordable, and if you work on some large urban projects, you need to buy large pump trucks.

Boom system

Construction safety has always been the first thing that should be considered. The boom system of the concrete pump truck is an important factor affecting its safety.

When buying the concrete pump truck, you need to consult the boom material of the pump truck or check the actual situation of the boom system directly to the manufacturer.


The actual capacity should be considered when purchasing pump trucks, which can be calculated according to the concrete pouring volume, the actual delivery quantity of the single machine, and the construction operation time.

If it is a large pumping project with a large pouring volume, you need to prepare several more pumps, so that the concrete has a certain stock, so as not to affect the working hours. Here we recommend you static concrete pump and mobile concrete pump.

Things You May Care and Mostly Asked Questions

  • What is the biggest concrete boom pump?

101-meter concrete boom pump produced by Zoomlion is the biggest concert boom pump truck for sale.

  • Can a concrete truck drive on yard?

Yes, the lightweight concrete truck is safe to drive in your yard, but the heavy concrete truck is probably not a good idea to drive in the backyard.

  • How far can a concrete boom truck reach?

It depends on the concrete boom length, the concrete boom can reach as far as 70 meters.

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