Concrete Pump Parts

Concrete pump parts are the main components of concrete pump machines, which are the key parts in charge of different functional units deciding the whole pump working performance. What are they? How do they affect the whole concrete pump during working process?

concrete pump parts

Super Powerful Engine

Weichai Deutz / CUMMINS

Durable Spectacle Plate

Wear-resistant S-valve


Stable Hydraulic Oil

Rexroth / Kawasaki

Accurate Distribute Valve

Flexible Hydraulic Motor


Main Concrete Pump Parts

Generally speaking, the main concrete pump parts includes six groups according to different function systems of concrete pump. They are power system, hydraulic system, distribution control system, pumping system, mixing system and conveying system.

These components play irreplacable roles in concrete pumping equipment. They cooperate and complete the whole automatic concrete mixing and conveying task.

Let’s get a know of these important components!

Engine of Power System – The hear of the concrete pump parts

Engine is the “heart” of the whole pump machine, which is the power source.

At present, concrete pump engines are usually diesel or electric. The two kinds of engine with their unique advantages are all popular with customers in different requirements.

electric motor of LUTON concrete pump
diesel engine

Comparison Of Electric Concrete Pump And Diesel Concrete Pump

Generally speaking, diesel engine concrete pump is larger than electric concrete pump, that is mainly because of the larger volume of the diesel engine. There are more components in diesel engine system than in electric motor. So the structure of diesel concrete pump is more complex than electric pump. Also for the reason, the maintenance of diesel concrete pump is more complex than electric one.

Electric pump is more simple in structure, maintaining and repair.

Electric concrete pump cost lower than diesel pump in purchasing, maintenance and repairing. On one hand, the cost of electric pump is lower, the structure is simple, the failure rate is lower. On the other hand, the electric pump parts are usually international unified standards. It is more convenient to obtain at customer’s own country. So, the maintenance and repair is relatively easy. These are the main reason why electric concrete pump has always been so popular.

Diesel pump is more flexible in energy power supply.

However, due to its demand and dependence on power supply, it also cannot replace diesel concrete pumps. Especially in remote areas where electricity is lacking or power supply voltage is unstable, electric concrete pumps are less adaptable to the environment than diesel concrete pumps.

Electric or diesel? That is a question depending on where you want to use the concrete pump.
About the difference and choose between electric concrete pump and diesel concrete pump, you are welcome to view the articles ( electric concrete pump or diesel concrete pump) to get more details.

hydraulic system of electric concrete mixer pump LUTON GROUP

Main Hydraulic Oil Pump

The core component of the hydraulic system is the main hydraulic oil pump.
The oil pump of the hydraulic system is the important power mechanism to drive the whole pump equipment.

The main oil Pump takes charge of an important task. That is to provide a strong hydraulic power for the hydraulic cylinder of the pumping system. Dive the hydraulic piston to do reciprocate movement. So as to drive the concrete cylinder piston movement through the piston rod. The concrete suction or pump out, until the concrete is conveyed to the construction site. This is the core content of the whole concrete pump work.

At present, different pump products of LUTON GROUP have different hydraulic system configurations, among which the main oil pump usually supported by the world first-class hydraulic pump brand, Rexroth of Germany and Kawasaki of Japan.

Electromagnetic Valve Group

The electromagnetic valve group is the core component of the power distribution control system, which controls the flow direction, flow rate, and overflow check of hydraulic oil. 

Through the feedback model of the sensor, the control system sends corresponding instructions to the solenoid valve group, thereby achieving control of the above pumping conditions. 

In this way, the hydraulic rods and pistons are accurately matched in two parallel cylinder bodies, alternating back and forth, achieving continuous and efficient pumping of concrete.

The electromagnetic valve of LUOTN concrete pump products comes from leading Chinese brand with stable and accurate power distribution control performance.

Main Concrete Pumping Parts – Hydraulic Cylinder, Rod And Piston

Hydraulic cylinder is an important place to converted hydraulic energy into mechanical energy for pumping concrete. Here, the hydraulic oil pushes the piston to reciprocate in the cylinder, and then transfers the mechanical energy to the concrete cylinder piston connected with it through the hydraulic cylinder connecting rod. And finally realizes the suction and pumping of concrete materials.

The hydraulic cylinder body should withstand strong hydraulic pressure. So, it is with sufficient pressure resistance, strength, and stiffness. In addition, sometimes it is necessary to weld oil ports, flanges and other components on the hydraulic cylinder body. So the cylinder body material should with welding performance.

The common materials for the cylinder body mainly includes: 20# steel pipe (used as a low-pressure oil cylinder material), 35# steel pipe (used as a medium pressure oil cylinder material), 45# steel pipe (used as a high-pressure oil cylinder material), and so on. In addition, 27# silicon manganese steel and 25# manganese steel are also common materials for hydraulic cylinder bodies. Due to the addition of elements such as silicon manganese, the thermal hardness and wear resistance of steel materials have been greatly improved.

working principle of concrete pumping system

There are two types of piston rods: solid and hollow. One end of the hollow piston rod leaving a vent hole for welding and heat treatment. It is made of 35 # and 45 # seamless steel pipes. The material of the solid piston rod is 35# and 45# steel. During the machining process, the hardness of the piston rod needs to reach the standard of 45-55HRC.

The common materials for piston are wear-resistant cast iron, gray cast iron, steel and aluminum alloy.

It should be noted that the cylinder body and its internal connecting rods, pistons, and other components need to be strictly sealed. It is because that only in this way can the strong energy of the hydraulic oil be stably transmitted, and the concrete can be pumped to higher and farther target locations. So a good concrete pump has strict selection and manufacturing process of hydraulic cylinder blocks, connecting rods and pistons, sealing technology, wear and rust resistance treatment, and so on.

S Distribution Valve

S tube valve of LUTON concrete pump

In the concrete pumping system, there are two parallel arranged concrete cylinders, but there is only one output port of the equipment. It requires a method of switching between the two concrete cylinders. In this way, they can alternately connecte to the output port, continuously convey the concrete raw materials in the cylinder to the external transmission pipeline, and ultimately reach the desired location.

The switching action of the S valve is driven by the hydraulic system connected to it. The hydraulic swing cylinder that drives the action of the S valve is driven by a separate dual pump connected to the main oil pump.

As one of the most important vulnerable components in concrete pump equipment, the quality of the S-valve directly affects the pumping performance of the entire equipment. The S-valve, eyeglass plate, and cutting ring of LUTON concrete pump products are all made of high wear-resistant manganese alloy material, guaranting a 10-year service life under normal maintenance and lubrication.

During the working process, the S valve constantly swings, cooperating with the eyeglass plate, cutting ring, and rubber spring. The cutting ring is automatically sealed by the pumping pressure of concrete, resulting in good sealing performance, high pumping pressure, and longer service life.
It should be noted that after the assembly of the S valve, the free clearance between the eyeglass plate and the cutting ring must be specified, otherwise it may cause early wear of the cutting ring and short service life.

40m3 diesel concrete pump trailer

Mixing Hydraulic Motor

The important components of concrete pump mixing system are mixing shaft with blades and mixing hydraulic motor.
The hydraulic motor obtains power from the high-pressure hydraulic oil output from the hydraulic oil pump, then converts it into mechanical power, and drives the mixing shaft to rotate to achieve the mixing function.

Hydraulic motors are usually installed on the outside of concrete hoppers, and this mixing function of concrete hoppers is mainly designed to mix the added concrete materials more evenly, preventing concrete segregation and ensuring that its performance and quality after the pumping process comply with building usage standards.

Conveying Pipeline And Hose

The main part of concrete conveying system is all sorts of concrete pump pipeline and hose.

Before using pumping equipment, engineering and technical personnel should select suitable pumping pipelines and design reasonable laying plans based on factors such as the characteristics of the pumped raw materials, pumping length and height, pumping pressure, and pumping environment.

Proper pipeline selection and installation can reduce the occurrence of pumping failures, pipe blockage, and improve pumping efficiency.
Regarding the specific details of the transportation pipeline, it is recommended that you refer to the more detailed introduction on the article concrete pump pipeline.

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