Concrete Boom Pump

Luton’s concrete boom pump works perfectly for high floors and offers the optimal size for all height demands!

Cost-efficiency, customized boom length and lightweight design of the mobile pump allows it to fit in anywhere without sacrificing any strength!

concrete boom pump with long booms

14m – 63 m
Customize a wide range of boom length

30% +
Improve work efficiency by 30% +

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Popular Concrete Boom Pump Models

Hot models on sale

Luton’s truck concrete line pump offers various capacities to meet your special needs. There are different concrete placing boom options for different job demands, such as 14m, 30m, 37m, 44m, 47m, 50m, 58m, etc. Applying our concrete pump with boom definitely is a wise choice!

Our concrete boom pumps truck on sale include but are not limited to:

BTB40R-14: Residential use

Max. Output capacity (m³/h)40
Max.Concrete Pumping Pressure (Mpa)10
Vertical Height of Boom (m)15.4
Radius of Place Concrete
13 – 16

BTB60R-48: Commercial use

Max. Output capacity (m³/h)60
Max.Concrete Pumping Pressure (Mpa)18
Vertical Height of Boom (m)49.3
Radius of Place Concrete
45 – 53

Why Choose Luton’s Concrete Boom Pump?

For high-rise building concrete conveying

High quality but low cost

The motor-vehicle chassis made in China, indicating high quality and low price

Less energy consumption

Reduction of 6% of fuel and electricity consumption but ensuring an increase of 13% of concrete output in an hour

Customized booms and sections

Different customized placing boom for your choice to adapt to all projects

Lighter machine

Lightweight for cutting its machine weight by 18%, great to fit on convenient cabs


We’ve built close business realtions with many famous domestic and overseas enterprises.

Luton’s business partners include China Railway, China State Construction, and Power China, MCC, Sinma and so on.

We own high reputations at home and abroad. You will never regret for choosing us!

power china
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China Metallurgical Group Corporation

What Services Does Luton Offer to You?

Professional team to solve problems before, during and after sales

Free complementary components along with the equipment

Cost-effective to reduce the expense but still provide you reliable products

Fast delivery to ensure your project can be accomplished as scheduled

Expert engineers for customization requirements

Wide range of concrete pumps for your choice

Projects and Cases

placing boom
  • Luton concrete placing boom is working on house contruction in Thailand
  • Luton truck boom pump on the worksite in Malaysia
luton concrete placing boom in Nepal

Gaining High Customer Satisfaction at 100%

Cost You Less, Benefits You More

“Luotn’s concrete boom pump is good to use. To be honest, I need a high return on my investment as a contractor, and luckily I found Luton concrete pump! I ordered a pump with 42 meter boom, and it truely works well for a shopping mall construction. And more importantly, It cost me less than I expected.”

– Sanjid Singh Sandhu from Malaysia

“They replied me really fast and being really patient with all my questions. They also helped me to cut transportation cost. The concrete boom pump has been used for 2 months and still performs greatly!”

– Tenzin Drukdra from Bhutan

Advantages of Concrete Boom Pump to Your Projects

The concrete boom pump is also known as a mobile concrete pump or placing boom concrete pump, covering a small area that facilitates to shift to another construction spot.

It is your first choice when your projects need a large amount of concrete in a short time, or when the industrial projects are relatively hard to reach with less accessibility. The advantages of using a concrete boom pump are as follows:

Easy to reach tight place for accurate concrete delivery

High flexibility to move in a busy construction spot

Able to deliver concrete for common use by 40 – 160 m3/h

Powered by the truck engine or individual engine

High efficiency for large projects or major constructions like building dam and bridge

Automatic pouring of concrete induces labor force and cost

Adopted to complex concreting conditions

Luon’s high-pressure cement boom pump for sale including 14m, 28 m, 30m, 37m, 44m, 47m, 50m, 58m, 63m long boom, etc is all available. Just tell us your business needs, we will find the perfect model for your project!

Work Process of Concrete Boom Pump

With the long boom installed on the vehicle chassis, placing boom pump aims to place mixed concrete to spot.

First, the truck will drive the pump to the worksite. Then the ready mixed concrete pump will be poured into the pump hopper.

Second, during the whole process, the hopper keeps churning with an auger to prevent concrete from solidifying. Besides, there is a mesh gate to avoid large aggregates fall into cylinders, which will cause blockage.

Then, the truck-mounted concrete boom pump leaves in the work site, of course, it can move around to access the best construction spot. When the pumping starts operating, the boom unfolds and extends to reach the place where needs concrete.

Finally, the concrete will be pumped and sent through the boom and finally goes to the target place with accuracy.

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How Far Can Concrete Boom Reach from Your Work Site?

Luton’s boom pressure concrete pump can be customized to your needs, therefore, the designed length or placing boom, the sections, and the Z-fold booms by our engineer team are available.

We commonly see the 30 – 70 meter-long placing boom. If needed, an extended pipeline is necessary.

Our concrete boom pump can be customized according to your needs. Contact us to discuss your plan and options.

Concrete Line Pump Better or Concrete Boom Pump?

The main difference between them is that the line pump is also referred as to a static concrete pump, or truck-mounted trailer concrete pump, transferring mixed concrete with hoses or extended pipelines instead of long booms.

To figure out that whether a line concrete pump or boom concrete pump is more suitable for your ongoing construction projects, you need to know your construction scale and needs.

Choose a line concrete pump truck when:

concrete placement boom
  1. Working on a mid-size constructions like road, sidewalk swimming pool
  2. Using it most for small residential jobs
  3. Super high rise buildings that a placing boom can not reach
  4. With relatively low budget and limited skilled operator

Choose a concrete boom pump when:

concrete pump long boom
  1. Large projects requiring loads of concrete in a short time
  2. Not fast as concrete boom pump but enough for a small and mid-sized projects
  3. Tight placing with low accessibility

More choice of concrete pump:

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