Concrete Mixer Pump Exported To Sierra Leone

In today’s globalized world, the performance of Chinese made construction machinery and equipment in overseas markets is becoming increasingly outstanding. On January 10, 2024, a LUTON JBS30 concrete mixer pump was successfully exported to Sierra Leone.

Max.Theo. Concrete Output30 m3/h
Max.Concrete Pumping Pressure
6 MPa
Max. Conveying Distance ( Vertically/Level )100m/300m
Diesel Engine ModelWP2.3D58E(Weichai) 53KW
Displacement of Main Oil Pump63mL
Pumping System Pressure16MPa
Mixing System Pressure12MPa
Outlet DiameterФ150mm

Order Formation Process

jbs30 mixer pump arrived to Sierra Leone

The production process of the LUTON JBS30 concrete mixer pump exported to Sierra Leone can be traced back to two years ago. At that time, the Sierra Leone government planned to carry out large-scale infrastructure construction nationwide and urgently needed high-quality concrete mixing pumps to meet construction needs. After multiple comparisons and screenings, the Sierra Leone government ultimately chose China’s LUTON JBS30 concrete mixing pump.

During the order process, Chinese manufacturing companies had multiple in-depth exchanges and negotiations with the government of Sierra Leone. The company has gained a detailed understanding of the procurement needs and budget constraints of the Sierra Leone government, and has provided customized solutions based on the actual situation. We met the customer’s requirements in terms of price, quality, after-sales service, and ultimately facilitated this transaction.

luton's honors and CE

Project Background

Sierra Leone is a country located in western Africa and has made significant progress in infrastructure construction in recent years. However, due to the relatively lagging local economic development and limited technological level, there is an urgent need for high-quality construction machinery and equipment. The export of LUTON JBS30 concrete mixing pump this time is precisely to meet the needs of infrastructure construction in Sierra Leone, help the local government accelerate the project progress, and improve the quality of the project.

concrete mixer pump to Sierra Leone

Product Features

As a high-quality engineering machinery equipment, the LUTON JBS30 concrete mixer pump exported to Sierra Leone has the following significant characteristics.

Efficient And Stable

The equipment adopts advanced mixing technology to ensure uniform concrete mixing, smooth discharge, and improved construction efficiency. At the same time, its stability performance has also been fully verified, ensuring long-term continuous operation.

jbs30 concrete mixer pump exported to Sierra Leone

Easy To Operate

The LUTON JBS30 concrete mixing pump adopts an intelligent control system, which is simple and convenient to operate. Only a few personnel are needed to complete the operation and maintenance of the equipment, reducing labor costs.

Strong Adaptability

This equipment is suitable for various complex construction environments and can transport concrete under different terrain conditions. Its strong adaptability provides strong support for infrastructure construction in Sierra Leone.

Convenient Maintenance

The design of the LUTON JBS30 concrete mixing pump fully considers the needs of maintenance, and each component is easy to disassemble and replace. This greatly reduces maintenance costs and time, providing customers with a convenient service experience.

Reliable and Durable

This device uses high-quality materials and components, and undergoes strict quality control, with a long service life. Its reliable and durable characteristics have brought long-term economic benefits to customers.

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