Concrete Pump Safety Tips

Concrete pump safety is the primary and vital thing that the operator and crew should attach importance to. Recent years, the accident happens a lot on the construction worksite, which causes heavy trauma to both the workers and the projects. What can we do to avoid the unpredictable mistakes and falls will disturb the project process, there are some concrete pump safety tips on before, during and after the concrete pumping work.

concrete pump safety tips and rules

Concrete Ground Line Pump Safety Tips

When concrete delivering and pumping is proceeding, if the personnel didn’t pay attention to the use of concrete pump requirements and safety, there will be frequent safety accidents. Regarding management, if the operator didn’t follow up the safty rules, problems will also appear, thus, bring economic losses to enterprises.

Based on years of equipment management, safety work experience as well as concrete pump operation, we put forward the following recommendations for your reference.

Safety Tips Before Working

1. Choose a suitable and safe worksite that is far away from the high-pressure line and other obstacles.

2. Check the concrete pump machine before start working.

3. The operator and driver should be familiar with the environment and situations.

4. The pumping worker should observe the terrain and surrounding conditions.

That means to make clear the soile hardness and loose of the road and the stoping location. Then back-filled soil to compaction aiming to prevent concrete delivery fixed pump or truck pump from sinking or rollover after entering.

5. Pump workers should also make clear the layout of the transmission pipeline. Lay the transmission pipeline as far as possible to reduce bending.

6. Do not wear slippers and other inappropriate clothes and remember to wear a safety helmet.

7. Before placing the concrete trailer pump on a truck chassis, remember to retract the outriggers.

Safety Tips During Working

concrete pump safety rules

1. It is prohibited to conduct unauthorized operations of the concrete mixer (concrete mixing transport) , or operate their chutes, which may occur major accidents between the concrete mixer and the pump cars. Please conduct it under a special guide.

2. When the concrete pump mixer is working, anyone is not allowed to reach a hand into the hopper, water tank, and any other parts that is rotating or working.

3. To avoid air inhalation, the concrete level in the hopper must be higher than the mixing shaft.

4. All the oil pressure in the pump has been set by the factory. Do not adjust the oil pressure without the factory’s permission.

5. Pipes within three meters of the operator must be protected by wooden or metal screens.

6. Pump night work site should have adequate lighting.

7. There should be at least a 1-meter working space around the pump for easy operation and maintenance.

8. Pump power supply is 380V ± 5% , the power cable should meet the power requirements, and be well protected.

9. Keep the concrete flowable.

Safety Tips After Working

1.  After the pumping machine is stopped, please clean the S value and the pipeline in time. And there should be no residual concrete material in the concrete cylinder and hopper.

2. Before carrying out the maintenance, must turn off the electric motor and the power switch, release the accumulator pressure.

3. After pumping, close the motor and power and lock the door of the electric control cabinet, so as not to be started by unrelated personnel.

4. Maintenance should be carried out by professional workers.

About The Concrete Pump Safety Tips Of The Pipeline:

When installing and removing the conduit, the operator must abide by the safety requirement of working at a high altitude and fasten the safety belt (rope).

When installing and removing the pump pipe, the labor force should be sufficient.

Make sure it’s not hard to install or remove the pipe. Then, connect the water plug quickly and accutately when the deliver concrete to the pump.

What’s more, the personnel in the warehouse should pay attention to the workers pouring water at the outlet.

When the catheter is removed, do not remove one of the sections arbitrarily. Meanwhile, please follow the principles of top-down, front-to-back.

Do not directly throw the removed catheter or throw it from a height. In addition, after the catheter is removed, please place it on level ground and don’t put it on the shelf at will.

Pump Tubes after disassembly, must be carried to the site flush clean, smooth stacking, and inspection if there is damage must be timely maintenance.

At last, after disassembly, please carry pump tubes to the site to flush thoroughly and stack smoothly. Then inspect the damage situation and make sure timely maintain.

Safety Tips Of Concrete Boom Pump Truck

A concrete long boom truck is a heavy and large pumping machine, and it is more prone to occur different mistakes and damages.

The manufacture is responsible for the concrete quality and the projects manager is responsible for the smooth proceeding of the projects and the safety of the workers.

To prevent any miserable accident happening, please read and follow these concrete pump safety tips.

Safety Tips Before Working

concrete pump truck operation tips

1. Make sure to set the truck on solid and opern areas.

2. Concrete boom operator and driver should be trained.

3. Check the concrete truck thoroughly.

4. Park the concrete pump in the right place and make sure the placing boom can reach the constructions.

5. Please select the piping and hose used for distributing pipes according to the specifications of the factory.

6. Do not move the body when the cloth pole is fully extended. When it is necessary to move the body, please fold and fix the upper part of the cloth rod and make sure the moving speed not exceed 10km/h.

7. Before pumping, when the temperature of hydraulic oil is below 15 °C, take method to prolong the air running time to increase the oil temperature.

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Safety Tips During Working

1. Deploy or retract the outriggers according to instructions and unfold the boom in the prescribed order.

2. Make sure to perform the slewing of the boom after the boom has completely left the boom bracket. And do not use the boom during a storm or when the wind is force 8 or above (wind speed 16 ~ 17 m/s).

3. Don’t use boom for lifting operations.

4. The high-pressure truck mounted concrete pumping is very dangerous to operate. Operators should fully recognize the great risk of a pipeline rupture and other accidents.

5. Contact the operator at the end hose when pumping is started or stopped; the end hose shall have a bending radius of not less than 1 m and shall not be bent.

6. Do not use the placing rod for the main purpose of the concrete pump truck.

7. Construction personnel must not approach directly below the pole. When the cloth pole is broken, it could cause a fatal accident to a construction crew directly below.

8. Unreasonable speed of pumping work, will likely cause the rupture of the pipeline and concrete flying accidents. Please pay attention to the speed of concrete pouring and tamping for construction operation.

9. In the event of a possible lightning strike, suspend the work and store the cloth rod to prevent electric shock.

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