Concrete Pumps In India

Concrete pumps in India, in recent years, with the rapid development of local economy, have shown a thriving trend. As an indispensable and important construction equipment, the application and demand in Indian market are also constantly increasing.

Concrete Pumps In India

Efficient & Flexible

Durable & Stable

Low Consumption

High Production

Easy Operation


Application Of Concrete Pumps In India

  • Widespread Concrete Pumps In India

Concrete pumps are mainly used in various construction projects in the Indian market, such as bridges, roads, tunnels, high-rise buildings, etc. The rapid and accurate concrete conveying capacity greatly improves construction efficiency and also reduces labor intensity.

  • Market Demand Continues To Grow

With the continuous investment of the Indian government in infrastructure construction and the prosperity of the private real estate market, the demand for concrete pumps is showing a continuous growth trend.

  • Coexistence Of Imports And Domestic Production

Currently, concrete pumps in Indian market have both imported and locally manufactured products. The Imported products are mainly form Germany, China and other countries, with advanced technology and stable performance. Locally manufactured products have certain advantages in price.

LUTON Concrete Pumps In India

30m3 diesel pump LUTON GROUP
Concrete Trailer PumpHBT30-6-52R
Max.theo.concrete output (L/H)30m3/h
Max.concrete pumping pressure(L/H) 6MPa
Distribution valve types
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokeФ200×500mm
Outlet diameterФ180mm
Diesel engine modelYuchai
Electrical engineering power52KW
The biggest transportation(vertically/Level)100/300m
40m3 diesel pump LUTON GROUP
Concrete Trailer PumpHBT40-10-82R
Max.theo.concrete output (L/H)40m3/h
Max.concrete pumping pressure(L/H) 10MPa
Distribution valve types
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokeΦ180/1300mm
Outlet diameterФ150mm
Diesel engine modelWeichai
Engine power82KW
The biggest transportation(vertically/Level)120/500m
drum mixer concrete pumps in india
Drum-mixer PumpJBS40-10-82R
Max.theo.concrete output40m3/h
Mixer rated discharge capacity0.45m3
Max.concrete pumping pressure10MPa
Distribution valve typeS
Diesel engine model82KW Weichai Deutz WP4G110E220
Max. Theoretical Conveying Distance (Vertical/Horizontal)120m/500m
twin-shaft mixer concrete pumps in india
Twin-mixer PumpJBS40B-JS750
Main oil pumpKawasaki, Korea
Main oil pump discharge112(ml/r)
Main Engine45 kw
Power of agitating motor30kw
Mixer productivity35
Lubricating systemAutomatic
Piping (m)100 m Φ125
verticle-shaft mixer concrete pumps in india
Verticle-shaft Mixer PumpJW40D-1000R
Max. theo. output50m3/h
Mixer Feeding Capacity1600L
Mixer Discharge Capacity1000L
Max.concrete pumping pressure129 WEICHAI DEUTZ or
Pumping system pressure28Mpa

Advantages of LUTON Concrete Pumps In India

Compact Structure

Taking up little space, easy to arrange and operate on construction site.

Efficient Production

Fast and continuous concrete delivery, less produce time.

Flexible Pumping Distance

By concrete pipeline, concrete can be delivered to construction area of high level and long distance in high-rise building projects, bridges, tunnels and other construction projects.

Easy Operation

The automatic operation system is simple and convenient to operate, which reduces the complexity of manual operation.

Reliable & Stable

Reliable and stable components from international manufacturers ensure the whole pump machine with smooth producing, outstanding performance.

concrete mixer pump JBS40

Development Prospects Of Concrete Pumps In India

With the sustained growth of the Indian economy and the acceleration of urbanization, infrastructure construction will still maintain a high level of investment. This provides broad development space for the concrete pump market.

With the continuous progress and innovation of technology, the technical level and performance of concrete pumps will continue to improve. This will promote the development of the concrete pump market. It will also meet the market’s demand for efficient, environmentally friendly, and intelligent equipment.

The Indian government has always attached great importance to infrastructure construction and has taken a series of policy measures to support the development of this field. This will provide strong policy guarantees and financial support for the concrete pump market.

In summary, concrete pump products have broad development prospects and potential in the Indian market. Faced with fierce market competition and constantly changing market demands, concrete pump manufacturers need to continuously improve their technical level and service quality, strengthen brand building and market promotion, in order to win more market share and customer trust. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to policy dynamics and market changes, flexibly adjust market strategies and product layout to cope with future market challenges and opportunities.

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