Mobile Concrete Pump

The mobile concrete pump is more flexible with tires to move around in construction sites! Also, it can be mounted on a truck chassis to transport.

Luton provides two mobile concrete pump types, concrete trailer pumps, and concrete mixer pumps at lower prices.

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Mobile Concrete Pumps for Sale

Hot selling models

Among all Luton’s mobile concrete pumps, the products with output capacity of 30m³/h – 50m3/h are the most popular ones. Both diesel model and electric type are available.

HBTS 30. HBTS40, JBS 30C, JBS 30D, JBS40C, JBS 40C are hot selling models.

Mobile concrete trailer pump with 30m3/h capacity

Our quotation: $ 17, 000 – $ 30, 000 VS. Market price: $ 22, 000 – $ 50, 000

ModelHBTS 30
Max. Output capacity (m³/h)30
Max.Concrete Pumping Pressure (Mpa)10
Max. Horizontal Conveying Distance (m)450
Distribution Valve TypeS Valve

Mobile concrete trailer pump with 40m3/h capacity

Our quotation: $ 17, 000 – $ 30, 000 VS. Market price: $ 23, 000 – $ 50, 000

ModelHBTS 40
Max. Output capacity (m³/h)40
Max.Concrete Pumping Pressure (Mpa)10
Max. Vertical Conveying Distance (m)800
Distribution Valve TypeS Valve

Mobile concrete mixer pump with 30m3/h capacity

Our quotation: $ 18, 000 – $ 30, 000 VS. Market price: $ 25, 000 – $ 50, 000

ModelJBS 30D
Max. Output capacity (m³/h)30
Mixer rated feed capacity ( m³ )0.56
Electrical engineering power (kw)37
Capacity of oil tank260

Mobile concrete mixer pump with 40m3/h capacity

Our quotation: $ 20, 000 – $ 50, 000 VS. Market price: $ 30, 000 – $ 60, 000

ModelJBS 40D
Max. Output capacity (m³/h)40
Mixer rated feed capacity ( m³ )0.56
Electrical engineering power (kw)45
Capacity of oil tank (L)370

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“Mobile concrete mixer pump is easy to move. The tire is anti-wear and flexible. I bought 2 small capacity mixer pumps from Luton, they helped us to install and trained our staffs.”

– Selasa bin Kuning from Malaysia

“Never expected I got such a great trailer concrete pump at low price! So I can invest in other equipments. Nice service, good quality. I highly recommend it! “

– Safwan Abdul-Nafi’ Asfour from Uruguay

What Is a Mobile Concrete Pump?

The mobile concrete pump is opposite to the stationary concrete pump. The former can move around between different construction sites, while the stationary concrete pump can not.

Equipped with tires, the concrete pump can be towed and dragged by a vehicle. Therefore, it is adopted to multiple construction sites because it can be moved to another place quickly and easily.

Concrete pump trucks and boom pumps are also called mobile concrete pumps, and they convey and pump concrete faster, and they are quite versatile to many construction projects. They are much expensive and have large concrete output, suitable for large commercial projects like building complexes, factories, and docks.

Mobile concrete mixer pump integrates mixing and pumping functions into one. It simplifies the working process, saves time and reduces your cost.

Therefore, the mobile concrete pump is a better solution for changeable and unfixed medium construction jobs.

Advantages of Mobile Concrete Pump

Why should I buy a mobile concrete pump? Can I really benefit from it? Is it really worth it? If you have these concerns and question in mind and hesitate to purchase a mobile concrete pump, check out the advantages of applying mobile concrete pump.

Flexible to move around

Concrete pumps with tires or the pumps mounted on the truck both highlight the characteristic of flexibility. This kind of device can move in the worksite and adjust the position to meets special concrete infusion needs.

When the project is in a large open area, it is convenient to relocate and convey concrete pumps from a place to another. So it saves time compared to a fixed concrete pump which has to be placed on a truck again when the distribution point changes. Besides, the liquid concrete in the hopper keeps being mixed to avoid segregation.

Our mobile concrete pump can be used for a wide range of construction jobs.

Shorten the construction times

It requires fewer workers and laborers in comparison with manual concrete placement. It reduces the cost and improves work efficiency.

If you’ve been hiring workers to mix and transport concrete with a wheelbarrow, you definitely know how slow it is. Using the mobile concrete mixer pump will increase concrete yield and productivity significantly.

Time is money. Contractors will suffer a lot of loss if the construction can no be finished as scheduled. With a mobile concrete pump, you can even accomplish projects in advance because our pump still works in bad weather.

Safe for staff to use

During the last several years, the regulation has been built and carried out to protect the laborers. Yet there are still many accidents happening, which is devastating for their families and business managers.

The mobile concrete pump adopts an intelligent control system with remote, it reduces the possibility of accidents to the lowest points.

The reason is that the concrete pump can diagnose the abnormity and show the indicators when there is something wrong. Moreover, the worker is able to control the machine from a distance.

Able to reach higher buildings

The concrete pump conveys liquid cement through the pipeline, which can be extended to hundreds of meters. It reaches the height that laborers and other pumps couldn’t.

Mobile trailer concrete pumps are easy to set up. It distributes concrete to high-rising buildings as long as the pipelines is installed properly.

Therefore, it handles many constructions like towers, flyovers, bridges, or something like that. Besides, it makes less noise, free from the complaints from near residents.

Affordable to invest in

The mobile concrete pump is the predominant equipment for most constructions. We highly recommend it for small and medium concrete projects that does not require a large quantity of concrete in a short time.

Besides it is cheaper than a large pump machine, it also saves money in other aspects. For an instance, the portable cement pump is easy to maintain and serves you for years. Therefore you do not need to buy another one if it still works well.

For the business contractors, the mobile concrete pump brings high profits. It covers the cost and soon brings more profits. If you are planning to buy it to rent, get it now! It is definitely a boost to business.

Rent or Buy a Portable Concrete Pump?

You may feel it is expensive or unworthy to buy a new mobile cement pump, well, it depends.

If you bid on commercial construction, you definitely need to buy a concrete pump. For large business projects, one concrete pump is probably not enough, the portable concrete pump is a piece of complementary equipment to a large boom pump. Well, it needs two or three or even more pumps for some large-size or urgent concrete projects.

If you need a portable concrete pump for one-time use, you can rent a mobile concrete pump. However, it is expensive if you rent it for a long-term project. Therefore, the new concrete pump is still a great investment since you can rent or sell it to others when you do not need it.

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