HBT90 Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump To Armenia

Good news! LUTON GROUP has successfully exported three sets of HBT90 Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump to Armenia! Once again, this exported case shows the competitiveness of LUTON products in the international market. The achievement of this export order is not only a reflection of the technical strength of LUTON GROUP, but also the result of deep cooperation between both parties.

HBT90 diesel concrete trailer pump to Armenia is an efficient, stable, and reliable concrete pumping equipment by LUTON GROUP. It adopts an advanced diesel power system with strong power output and excellent fuel economy. It can meet the needs of various large-sized concrete construction projects. At the same time, the diesel trailer pump is compact, flexible to move and adapt to the challenges of different construction environments.

Strong Power From Efficient Weichai Diesel Engine
Stable Performance Ensured By High-quality Parts
Fast Working From Advanced Pumping Technology
Easy Operation & Convenient Maintenance
Powerful Functions Suitable For Various Project Environments and Construction Requirements
Max.Theo. Concrete Output (L./H.)m3/h94/56
The Biggest Delivery Distance (Vertical/Level)m180/800
Distribution Valve Types valve
Concrete Cylinder Diameter*StrokemmФ200×1800
Diesel Engine ModelWeichai/WP7G270E300
Diameter Of Conveying PipemmΦ133
Max. Aggregate SizemmPebble: 45 / Gravel: 40

Our Armenian client has undertaken an important infrastructure construction project and urgently needs high-quality concrete construction equipment to ensure the smooth progress of the project. After comparing multiple brands and models, the customer chose the HBT90 diesel concrete pump from LUTON GROUP ultimately. This is mainly due to the excellent performance and good market reputation of LUTON GROUP products.

In terms of delivery time, LUTON GROUP strictly complies with the contract to ensure timely delivery of products. Our company optimizes production processes, strengthens quality control to ensure every HBT90 diesel concrete trailer pump meets the highest standards. At the same time, LUTON GROUP also actively coordinates logistics resources to ensure safe and fast arrival in Armenia.

On the construction site in Armenia, these HBT90 diesel concrete trailer pumps have shown their powerful performance. They’ve efficiently transported concrete to designated locations, greatly accelerating construction progress. At the same time, their stable working performance and excellent durability have also won high praise from customers. Whether in the pouring of urban roads or in the construction of bridges and tunnels, these HBT90 diesel concrete trailer pumps have shown excellent performance.

The successful export to Armenia not only proves the excellent quality and powerful performance of LUTON products, but also further consolidates the company’s position in the international market.

With the continuous advancement of global infrastructure construction, LUTON GROUP will continue to strengthen cooperation and communication with the international market, and promote the global layout of the company’s products. It’s believed that in the near future, the concrete construction equipment of LUTON GROUP will demonstrate its outstanding performance and quality advantages in more countries and regions, and contribute more to global infrastructure construction.