Concrete Pump Indonesia

Concrete pump Indonesia with LUTON excellent performance, supporting the local construction of an oil chemical plant, has won the Indonesian customers’ praise.

Recently, our star product, diesel concrete trailer pump HBTS40, has been sucessfully exported to Indonesia. It has shone brightly in the construction project of a large oil chemical plant in local. The successful implementation of this project demonstrates the excellent performance of our product. This export case also further consolidates our position in the international market.

diesel concrete pump Indonesia of luton onsite
LUTON Concrete Pump Indonesia is working onsite

LUTON HBTS40 Concrete Pump Indonesia

The diesel concrete towing pump has won high recognition for its high efficiency, stability, and durability. At the construction site of the Indonesian oil chemical plant, it is responsible for the important task of concrete delivery. Facing high temperature, high humidity, complex and ever-changing construction environments, this towing pump can operate stably, ensuring construction progress and quality.

40m3 diesel concrete pump from LUTON GROUP
Max.Theotatical.Output Capacity (L/H)40m3/h
Max.Pumping Pressure(L/H) 10MPa
Distribution Valve Types-valve type
Concrete Cylinder (Diameter×Stroke)Φ180mm /1300mm
Outlet DiameterФ150mm
Diesel Engine ModelWeichai
Diesel Engine Power82kW
The Biggest Transportation (vertically/Level)120m /500m

According to the customer’s feedback, the diesel concrete towing pump performed excellently during operation. Its efficient pumping capacity, stable conveying performance, and excellent durability have earned customers praise. At the same time, our professional after-sales service team also provides technical support timely and thoughtfully to customers. All these ensure that the equipment remains in the best condition throughout the entire construction process.

Nowaday, the quality and performance of construction machinery and equipment have become more and more important standard for enterprises in the international machinery market. As a renowned manufacturing and export company in the construction machinery manufacturing industry, we always adhere to innovation to provid the highest quality construction machinery products to global customers.

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