LUTON Concrete Trailer Pump To Brunei

LUTON concrete trailer pump to Brunei is another more great news in 2023! It expanded the global coverage of our concrete pumping equipment once more. This HBT40-10-82RS will soon play its crucial role in a 4 stories building construction project in local. The successful export case showed once again the outstanding strength of LUTON GROUP in the field of concrete machinery.

LUTON Concrete Trailer Pump To Brunei
Max.Theo.Concrete Output40m3/h
Max.Concrete Pumping Pressure10MPa
Distribution Valve TypeS
Concrete Cylinder (Diameter×Stroke)Φ180mm/1300mm
Outlet DiameterФ150mm
Diesel Engine Power82KW
Transportation Distance120m/500m
Max. Aggregate DiameterScree:40mm

Why Choose LUTON Concrete Trailer Pump HBT40 To Brunei

The Brunei client is undertaking a construction project for a 4-story building. And he is looking for an efficient and stable concrete pumping equipment. After multiple comparisons, the customer ultimately chose this HBT40 concrete trailer pump from LUTON GROUP.

HBT40 diesel concrete trailer pump is a classic product model of LUTON GROUP. It had been appreciated by customers all over the world because of its outstanding performance and significant features.

Efficient And Stable

HBT40 adopts advanced S-pipe valve design to ensure smoother concrete transportation and reduce pipe blockage. At the same time, it is equipped with a high-power diesel engine to provide strong power. All these ensure the high pumping efficiency and good stability.

Remote Control

HBT40 dieself concrete pump adopts wireless remote control operation. It facilitates construction personnel to control from any position on the construction site. This control method reduces labor intensity, and improves construction efficiency.

Easy Maintenance

The HBT40 adopts a modular design, making it easy to disassemble and repair. Meanwhile, key components are made of wear-resistant materials to extend their service life.

remote control of
LUTON Concrete Trailer Pump To Brunei
Diesel engine of LUTON Concrete Trailer Pump To Brunei

Strong Applicability

This equipment can be widely used in various construction projects such as high-rise buildings, highways, bridges, etc., to meet different construction needs.

Powerful Engine

The HBT40 is equipped with a high-power diesel engine, providing stable and powerful energy output. It ensures high efficiency and good stability in concrete pumping.

High Pressure Pumping

This equipment can achieve high pressure pumping, effectively reducing pipe blockage, increasing the distance and height of concrete pumping. This machine meets the needs of four story buildings.

Wear Resistant Material

Key components are made of wear-resistant materials. These materials can effectively extend the service life of the equipment, reduce the frequency and maintenance costs of repair and replacement.

LUTON Concrete Trailer Pump To Brunei HBT40

Reliable Quality

As a well-known concrete machinery manufacturer in China, Lutong Group has rich production experience and a good reputation. As a star product of LUTON GROUP, HBT40 has undergone strict quality control and performance testing to ensure its reliable quality and efficient performance.

LUTON Quality – You Deserve It

In summary, the HBT40 concrete trailer pump will must perform well in the four story building project in Brunei, meeting the construction needs of customers. This fully demonstrates the strength and advantages of LUTON GROUP in the field of concrete machinery. In the future, LUTON GROUP will continue to be committed to technological innovation and product upgrading, providing customers with higher quality and efficient products and services.

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