Concrete Pump Remote Control

Concrete pump remote control, with its intelligence and efficiency, has brought great convenient and maneuverability to the concrete conveying work in the construction industry. By remote control, operators can smoothly control the entire pumping process without the need to go to complex and harsh construction sites.

LUTON GROUP has always been dedicated to providing customers with high-quality concrete pump remote control systems.

concrete pump remote control

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The Principle Of LUTON Concrete Pump Remote Control

The concrete pump remote control mainly relies on wireless communication technology. By remote controllers or intelligent terminal devices, it enables remote operation and control of concrete pumps.

The whole remote control system of concrete pump mainly consists of control center, communication equipment, execution mechanism, and other parts. The control center is responsible for receiving instructions from remote controllers or intelligent terminal devices. Then it transmits the instructions to the execution mechanism of the concrete pump through communication devices. In this way, the whole concrete pump machines are controlled remotely.

Here shows the common model of LUTON Remote Control.

Weight332g ( excluding batteries )
Material of ShellGlass Fiber Reinforced Nylon
Protection GradeIP65
BatteryTwo alkaline AA batteries 1.5V
Operation Temperature-35℃ ~ +80℃
Voltage DetectionThe voltage is less than 2.2v, and the red light flashes slowly;
The transmitter cannot start as insufficient voltage of 1.8V.
Transmission Frequency310.0325 ~ 331.165 MHz
Maximum Operating Distance≤200m

Advantages Of Concrete Pump Remote Control System

  • Improving Work Efficiency

Operators can control the whole system by concrete pump control system in a safe area far from the concrete pump. In this way, operators can avoid frequent movement and waiting, eventually improving the work efficiency.

  • Enhanced Security
electric control cabinet and remote controller

The concrete pump remote control reduces direct contact between operators and concrete pump machines. It reduces the risk of operators working in hazardous or harsh environments. Especially in high altitude, tunnels, or other construction sites difficult to access, concrete pump remote control ensures not only the smooth pumping procession but also the safety of operators.

  • Flexibility and Convenience

Concrete pump remote control is not limited by geography. As long as there is a stable communication signal, operators can monitor and control the concrete pump from any location. This flexibility makes the system suitable for various complex construction environments.

  • Intelligent Management

Through remote control systems, intelligent management of concrete pumps can be achieved, including automated control, intelligent scheduling, etc. This helps to improve the efficiency and level of engineering management, and achieve digitalization and intelligence in the construction process.

Operation Process Of Concrete Pump Remote Control

Step1 Install Battery For The Remote Control

Wireless remote control use two pieces of battery, rechargeable batteries is forbidden, If battery voltage is sufficient, the LED indicator light will be green; Otherwise if battery voltage is not sufficient, LED indicator light will be blinking red(or off), Now the operation on remote control can’t be proceed, you must replace the battery.

After install the battery and press the button, If the LED indicator light is blinking red, case of the following may happens: Jacking of button, receiver is not connected to power supply. Not start the machine according to given start-up mode.

The LED indicator of the wireless remote control display slow blinking of yellow light, in this situation the memory failure of remote control happens, please contact the supplier.

remote control

Step2 Switch To “Remote Control” Mode

Press the “Remote Control” button, then the remote control recording light on. It places the machine at remote control mode. Now, turn the control switch on the remote control box to enters working state. In this mode, buttons that has same function on the control cabinet panel is locked and the operation will be invalid.

Step3 Manipulate The Remote Control

There are ten buttons on the wireless remote control, STOP, STARTS, PUMPING, REVERSE-PUMPING, VIBRATION, UP, DOWN, MIXING , DISCHARGE and WATER.

STOP – Press this button, the remote control is locked and the operation of the rest of button will be invalid.

STARTS – It is the button that will activate the wireless remote control. Insert the magnetic key and press this button, the wireless remote control will be activated.

The operation of the rest of the button and knobs are same as the control panel.

Note: Only when the magnetic key is inserted, can the button be activated, or will be locked.

Trouble Shooting Method For Common Failures

In case of operation mistake or upset operation, result in the LED indicator continuous red light on, now please take off the battery and start again.

When wireless receiver can’t take action, please shut down the receiver’s power, after 20s, get through power again.

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