Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump for Sale

Working on an urgent project and need to finish your construction quickly and safely? Check out our trailer-mounted concrete pump for sale!

The advanced technology, highest quality, and quick conveying allow your project completed as scheduled, and saves your money!

HBT30 Concrete pumping machine

Low cost
30 % cheaper than market price

long service life
more than 15 years of life

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Top Rated Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump for Sale

Hot selling models

Luton’s trailer-mounted concrete pumps for sale enjoy a large market share, among them the pumps with 30m³/h – 80m3/h capacities are the most popular choice. And diesel and electric motors are available for your options (diesel concrere pump and electric concrete pump).

HBTS 30, HBTS40, HBTS50, HBTS60 are hot selling models.

Trailer mounted pump with 30m3/h -50m3/h output

Our Quotation: $ 17, 000 – $ 30, 000 VS. Market price: $ 22, 000 – $ 50, 000

Max. Theoretical Throughput (m3/h)304050
Max. Pumping Pressure (MPa)101010
Power of Main Electric Motor (kw)100160160
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance (m)140200120
Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance (m)450800500
Max. Aggregate Diameter (mm)304050
Conveying Pipe Radius (mm)100160160
Number of Conveying Cylinder (piece)222
Conveying Cylinder Bore X Piston Stroke (mm)Φ140×1000Φ160×1000Φ200×1000
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity (L)0.350.40.5

Trailer mounted pump with 60m3/h -90m3/h output

Our Quotation: $ 17, 000 – $ 50, 000 VS. Market price: $ 23, 000 – $ 50, 000

trailer mounted wet concrete pump for sale
luton trailer mounted concrete pumps for sale
low volume trailer mounted concrete pump for sale
Max. Theoretical Throughput (m3/h)84/5095/45
Max. Pumping Pressure (MPa)16/8.618/9.3
Concrete cylinder diameter×stroke (mm)Ф200×1800Ф200×1800
Diesel engine modelWeichaiWeichai
Rotate speed (r/min)22002200
Pumping system pressure3232
Max. Theoretical Vertical/Horizontal Conveying Distance (m)360/1200360/1200
Circuit typeOpen circuitOpen circuit

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Producing Process

how concrete pump is produced

Luton has put efforts into each producing process from cutting to finishing the concrete pump. We adhere to the highest standard of components to make sure a longer service life.

Strict standards and inspections are guaranteed to make out concrete excellent and competitive.

Main Characters to Check When Buying Concrete Trailer Pump

When buying the concrete pump there are some points to check out to make sure you get a high-quality pump!

  • Superior full hydraulic system to ensure a longer service life and improve machine reliability, reduce the failure and errors rate, cut maintenance costs.
  • The S tube valve is cast into shape with austenitic manganese steel and has the dual advantages of anti-high pressure and anti-wearing;
  • Main electric elements with high reliability of the electric-control system to ensure safety.
  • Glasses plates and cut loops are made of anti-wearing horsiness alloy, they have a long service life.
  • The lubrication system adopts a progressive distributor which supplies every lubrication point with oil in turn, and the oiling time can be set to save oil.
  • Luton has been developing and manufacturing stationary concrete pumps for over 20 years, and we apply the most advanced technology and adopt the high-quality components in each concrete pump to prolong the product life.

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What to Do with the Hopper Whilst Pumping Concrete?

The concrete trailer pump hopper, also known as aggregate hopper, is an important part of the machine. Equipped with mixing blades, the hopper not only carries the liquid concrete but also improves the cohesion of the cement. More importantly, it keeps rotating to prevent the concrete from segregation or solidification.

Well, many operators have no clue what to do with the hopper when the pumping system works and sucks wet concrete out of the hopper.

First, there should be a screen mesh on the hopper to prevent large stones and rocks falls into it. Also, arrange the personnel to inspect the aggregate discharge, avoiding the clog and blockage caused by large rocks and other objects.

Second, during the pumping, the concrete horizontal line should be always lower than the mixing shaft, otherwise, the pipeline will vibrate caused by air entering pipelines.

Third, after the pumping work is done, clean the hopper and pipelines thoroughly. If the remaining concrete in the material cylinder is not removed timely, it is more likely to stick to the cylinders and solidifies.

When the piston pushes again, it will withstand the pressure of the solidified cement, which will damage the position. The damage is not different from normal wear of piston seal, and it is unable to compensate under the pressure. Therefore, in this case, cement leakage, weak suction, and pumping or blockage will happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost?

When you need a trailer-mounted concrete pump, you have two options: Buy a brand new concrete pump or rent a used concrete trailer pump.

If you buy a concrete trailer pump, it cost you $ 20, 000 to $ 50,000. You may get different quotes from different manufactures. Luton offers you a lower price than the market. Tell us the model you need or your business need, we’ll give you the best price quote.

If you rent a concrete trailer pump the average price is between $150-$300, and the price differs and affects by the capacity, time, countries, the market, and many other factors.

How Far Can a Concrete Pump Trailer Reach?

The trailer-mounted concrete pumps convey cement through pipelines, and the pipeline can be extended to your needs as long as the parameter allows.

The trailer pump can reach up to 20, 000 ft vertically and 80, 000 ft horizontally. It is a great choice for many high-rising building constructions.

Is Renting Concrete Trailer Pumps a Good Business?

Sure. The business of renting concrete pumps is robust and demand for concrete trailer pumps increases. It can last over 15 years with the proper maintenance and the profit is very high!

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