Concrete Pressure Pump

The concrete pressure pump aims to convey wet cement from a long distance and place concrete to high-rising buildings.

Our trailer and boom pump provide economical solutions for construction with higher output pressure, reaching hundreds of meters vertically!

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Concrete Pressure Pumps Main Specifications

Luton provide you with high pressure ground line pump and boom pump for you:

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High-Pressure Concrete Ground Line Pump

Max. Theoretical Throughput (m3/h)84/5095/45
Max. Pumping Pressure (MPa)16/8.618/9.3
Concrete cylinder diameter×stroke (mm)Ф200×1800Ф200×1800
Diesel engine modelWeichaiWeichai
Rotate speed (r/min)22002200
Pumping system pressure3232
Max. Theoretical Vertical/Horizontal Conveying Distance (m)360/1200360/1200
Circuit typeOpen circuitOpen circuit

High-Pressure Concrete Boom Pump

Model Z fold 61
Vertical Reach60.10 m
Horizontal Reach56.01 m
Reach from the front of the Truck52.04 m
Unfolding Height16.51 m
Max. Theoretical Output 160 m3/h
Max. Pumping Pressure 85 bar
Stroke Length2100 mm
Hydraulic System Pressure350 ba

The main specification is for your reference. Our concrete pump can be customized according to your needs.

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What Is the Concrete Pressure Pump?

The concrete pressure pump is the pumping machine that conveying mixed aggregate to a targeted place with large output pressure.

The concrete pumps result in less usage of water as compared to other ordinary concrete placement techniques. Therefore, when the concrete is poured, it won’t reveal diminishing as well as breaking residential properties in all as well as it will preserve its strength.

Making use of concrete pumps assure that the concrete is placed conveniently at unattainable or busy sites. So, whether you wish to place the concrete on the top floor of a high-rise building or in a structured slab, concrete pumps can move the concrete mix to almost any type of location as well as at any kind of height without leaving spills and swellings on the way.

Concrete pump is likewise practical in complicated areas like skyscrapers or protected concrete walls, concrete pumps are utilized to enhance putting accuracy.

Positioning of concrete by the concrete pump offers greater accuracy with little or absolutely no material wastage.

Features of Concrete Pressure Boom Pump

New advanced high-pressure concrete pump unit

It improves performance in its maximum and medium capacity. Moreover, it plays a positive role as a powerful model in pumping operations responding to a small volume, high pressure, and high volume at any location.

In addition, it has three high-pressure level pressure settings (“high”, “medium” and “low”) that can be used for various operations such as boom pumping and pipe pumping.

Mounted on low wheelbase trucks with high flexibility

The pump device is to be installed on the GVW 22ton vehicle framework with a short wheelbase Approximate. 5,550 mm complying with the automobile emissions control (new long-term policies), achieving its high mobility for different worksite procedures.

The newest vibration control device for easy operation

The distinct vibration control gadget, which controls the vibration by lowering the loads on the boom with the suspension feature, is set up.
This can boost functioning conditions by enhancing resilience as well as reducing strains on operators.

Factor to consider to safety and security precautions

Counter balance valve is installed to avoid the boom falling down, by holding up the boom cylinder activity if in its hydraulic piping is damaged during the procedure.

As a leading manufacturer of concrete pumps, we take all safety preventative measures into consideration in advance.

Boom Pressure Concrete Pump Price

The boom pressure machine’s price largely differs in terms of all placing boom lengths.

The market reference price for 33 meters placing boom is $ 158,000 – 165,000.

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FAQs of Concrete Pressure Pump

How far can concrete pressure pump?

The concrete line pump is able to reach out to about 120 meters long vertically and 1000 meters far horizontally.

The concrete boom pump can reach from 11 meters to 71 meters long.

How much pressure does a concrete pump need?

It depends on the models you choose and the output volume. For example, the 61-meter concrete pump with 160m3/h capacity need 85 bar pressure.

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