Concrete Pump Long Boom

Concrete pump long boom is widely used for medium and large industrial constructions jobs with high productivity!

Luton’s concrete long boom pump truck is safe, cost-effective, and stable to use with a longer service life of 25 years!

concrete pump long boom

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Concrete Pump Long Boom Models

Luton provides various concrete pump trucks with long placing booms from 38m – 70m. There are top created and picked pump with long boom models. If you have special needs, contact us to get more information and your cutomized model.

61-meter concrete pump

long concrete pump
long concrete boom pump specification
long placing boom truck

63-meter concrete pump

63 concrete boom pump with long booms
63 meter long concrete pump truck
63 meter long placing boom

65-meter concrete pump

concrete pump truck
65m concrete pump truck
concrete pump long boom

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Features of Concrete Pump with Long Placing Boom

Compare to the concrete ground pump and concrete pump short boom, the long boom pump has their unique features.

1. Due to the large volume of concrete pumping output, the long boom is most suitable for large construction projects including industrial projects and high-rise buildings.

2. The hose and boom is able to precisely place the concrete in hard-to-reach areas and overcome some obstacle.

3. This kind of pump requires more space to deploy and work, therefore it is not the best solution for some limited worksite or small constructions.

4. The long boom pump is widely used for large constructions, therefore, it stays in one place throughout the process.

5. It ensures perform fast, efficient concrete pouring, which at most work sites can be poured from a hose connected to the end of the boom.

6. Concrete pump trucks can be sized from single axes for restricted areas with limited mobility, to ten axle pumps for large projects requiring long distances.

7. The time and labor saved by using a boom pump to place the concrete on these hard-to-reach projects makes the use of them an easy option.

Concrete Pump Long Boom VS. Short Boom

What is a long boom pump and what is a short boom? How do we usually classify them?

To be more specific, there are listed detailed standards:

Short boom length:

< 30 meters

Regular boom length:

30 meters – 40 meters

Long boom length:

40-60 meters

Super long boom length:

> 60 meters

Short boom pump: it is more suitable for medium constructions projects, for example, bridges, flyovers, and high rising buildings.

Long boom pump: It is more suitable for large constructions like towers, large hospitals, and shopping malls.

Currently, the most common types on the market are regular long boom truck pumps because both pumps are sufficient for most concrete pouring work, but ultra-long boom truck pumps are still the best means for big brands to demonstrate their technical strength.

At present, Zoomlion’s concrete pump with 101 meters placing boom is the longest boom pump.

Kinds of Concrete Pump Booms

There are two most used kinds of concrete pump booms: Rolling and folding boom pumps and Z folding booms.

Rolling and folding boom

It provides onsite control to ensure convenience. Also, their four-sections boom is more flexible and more versatile to use, which combined with highly flexible boom connections, enhancing high work efficiency and better performance.

Z folding boom

 It is perfect for almost all concrete pump truck applications, and the Z folding booms are suitable for jobs with higher restrictions.

You can choose such kinds of booms for narrow work sites or for constructions with lower space to fit a boom truck.

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