Ready Mix Concrete Pump

Never mix and transport raw rough concrete with wheelbarrow anymore. The ready mix concrete pump can efficiently speed up concrete conveying to the construction site via extended pipelines and hoses!

Luton’s concrete pump for wet concrete is efficient, reliable, and economical to boost your construction business and bring you high profits.

Ready mix concrete pump

Long product life
serve you 25+ years

Less cost
cut the budget by 33%

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Ready Mix Concrete Pumps Models

Hot selling models

HBTS30, HBTS40, HBTS60, and HBTS80 are popular models with two engine options: diesel and electric motors.

Dieself Ready Mix Concrete Pumps



40m3 diesel concrete pump trailer


Specification of Diesel Ready Mix Concrete Pumps

Max.theo.concrete outputm3/h30405067/4584/4590/57
Max.concrete pumping pressureMPa610107/137/1620/14
Distribution valve type SSSSSS
Concrete cylinder (diameter×stroke)mmФ200×500Φ180/1300Ф200×800Φ200/1650Φ200/1800Ф200*1600
Outlet diametermmФ180Ф150Ф180Ф180Ф180Ф180
Diesel engine model YuchaiWeichaiYuchaiWeichaiWeichaiWeichai
Diesel engine powerKW528292129176199
The biggest transportationm100/300120/500150/600180/1000260/1200300/1200
Max. aggregate diametermmScree:40Scree:40Scree:40Scree:40Scree:40Scree:40
Inside diameter of pipemmФ125Ф125Ф125Ф125Ф125Ф125

Electric Ready Mix Concrete Pump



concrete trailer pump from LUTON factory


concrete trailer pump of LUTON GROUP

Specification Of Electric Ready Mix Concrete Pump

Max. Theoretical Throughput (m3/h)  3040506088
Max. Pumping Pressure (MPa)610101316
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance (m)140200120280300
Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance (m)45080050010001200
Max. Aggregate Diameter (mm)20~3040404040
Conveying Pipe Radius (mm)100150180180180
Number of Conveying Cylinder (piece)22222
Conveying Cylinder Bore X Piston Stroke (mm)Ф200×500Φ180/1100Φ200×1000Φ200/1650Φ200/1800
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity (L)250400500600800
Power of Main Electric Motor (kw)37455590110

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“Luton’s wet cement pump is beyond my expection! Easy to install and relocate and stable enough. It pumps smoothly and it is perfecetly suitable for my work. I didn’t ask for a large concrete because HBTS 40 is enough. “

– Andika bin Che from Malaysia

“Choosing a good concrete pump with limited budget is hard, but I still find the solution anyway, that is Luton pump. They sold me a small trailer concrete pump(HBTS30) in an afforadble price, and after negotication, they lowered the price a little bit. Nice, great service and good pump. “

– Landen Agustin Siso Bello from Philippines

What Is a Ready Mix Concrete Pump?

ready mix concrete and pump

In most construction, the use of concrete will never be absent. The ready-mix concrete pump is welcomed among construction businesses.

If you are a beginner, who just start engaging in this field, you may wonder: What is a ready mix concrete pump? To answer this question, you need to figure out two conceptions.

What is ready mixed concrete?
Ready-mixed concrete is usually contrasted to raw materials including lime, mortar, rocks, and so on.

They are evenly mixed according to the standards and grade in batches for delivery. This kind of wet concrete is usually mixed in a large concrete mixing plant and transported to the construction site by a mixer truck.

What is a concrete pump?

A concrete pump is a pumping machine that deliveries ready mixed concrete to the location through pipeline and hose. It is widely used in rural and urban construction for house building, road pavement, or other small projects.

By the way, if you need continuous concrete supply or the requirement of concrete pump is not finally confirmed, go for a concrete mixer pump. It allows you to mix concrete on-site and reduced the transportation time.

See the Strong Points of Ready Mix Concrete Pump

A ready-mix concrete pump is an efficient concrete deliverying solution. Use small and mini concrete pump for smaller or residential projects, and the pump with large capacity also complete large-size construction.

Therefore, ready mix concrete pump handles all your jobs and demands, if you still concerns that if they really bring you benefits, check out the following points:

Suitable for the projects that require concrete without too strict quality and quantity, also can be used for the short-term project.

Save time and money since the automatic pumping and remote control system require fewer workers.

Able to convey concrete to the distribution point and bypass obstacles, so it is more versatile for various working conditions.

Occupying less space because it is relatively compact compared to other boom pumps and truck-mounted pumps.

Still powerful to pump concrete to high-rising buildings and longer distances.

Can be mounted on vehicles to shift between different worksites.

Suffer the extreme weather and improve productivity in a short time.

Luton’s static ready mix concrete pump is the prior solution to projects which are processing in a limited area or hard-to-access places, or indoor jobs. Our ready mix concrete pump is more stable and convenient to use.

If you want to cut out the time on waiting for the ready mixed concrete truck, we recommend you the concrete mixer truck with pump.

More recommendations: residential concrete pump; concrete ground pump; small concrete pump

Work Process of Ready Mix Concrete Pump

work process of concrete pumping system

Generally, the mixer truck is load with the ready mixed concrete pump produced by the concrete batching plant and then transport concrete pump to the worksite.

Then the truck will discharge the wet cement into the hopper of the concrete pump. When everything is ready, press the button, and the pumping system starts working.

Later the wet concrete pump in the hopper will be sucked into the material cylinders, driven by hydraulic cylinders, and finally, distributed to the target place through the pipeline.

Here are the more detailed working principles of the pumping system:

First, the driving pistons of two hydraulic cylinders will move back and forward under the pressure of hydraulic oil. They push and retract in the opposite direction.

Second, the concrete in the hopper will be sucked into the materials cylinders, under the action of the swinging cylinder, the concrete will be sent to the discharge cylinder.

Finally, the S-vale helps to distribute concrete to where needs concrete through pipelines.

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