What Kind of Pump Is Used for Concrete?

The concrete pump is an important construction machine to deliver the ready mixed cement to the targeted place. However, what kind of pump is used for concrete? And why choose it?

Generally, pumping equipment can be divided into 4 categories: concrete trailer pumps, concrete mixer pumps, truck-mounted concrete pumps, and concrete boom pumps.

Static concrete trailer pump

concrete trailer pump

The first, static concrete trailer pump is small type of pumping machine compared to other concrete pumps. It usually have smaller concrete output volume, ranging of 30-50 m3/h as commonly capacities, which are enough for small-size and medium constructions.

Moreover, a truck chassis is necessary to transport a static concrete pump to a certain construction site. Therefore, limited workplace or indoor jobs are more suitable for static pump trailers.

The stationary concrete pump is lightweight and easy to be transported by a vehicle.

When arrives at the worksite, there will be a mixer truck to discharge the concrete into the hopper installed on the back of the pump.

Once the pumping system operates, wet concrete will be sucked in from the hopper and sent to the target sites through the pipelines. Convenient and fast.

The huge advantages are that inexpensive, productive, and perfect for smaller construction like road pavement, slabbing, housing buildings in a rural and urban areas.

More important, it stands out for safe operation, high construction efficiency, low cost, environmental protection, long horizontal pumping distance (600m), high vertical pumping height (120m), and large displacement (150m 3/h).

Disadvantages: The static concrete pump are not automatic driven,which needs pipe laying and longer construction preparation time. What’s more, this type of pump can not automatically place concrete.

Portable concrete pump

movable concrete pump with tires

Second, portable concrete pumps are more flexible to move and can be dragged by contractors, therefore, they are more popular for construction at a large worksite or when it needs relocation.

Compared to the static concrete trailer pumps, this type of construction machine is more convenient for the concrete delivery from a long distance and requiring no large truck.

They work as same as the stationary ones, which delivery cements through both concrete line and hose. Portable pumps also have lower concrete output capacity, and many people will choose a 30 m3/h and 40m3/h.

Our portable concrete pumps with electric control systems can be controlled by remote controller. So, it is safe and convenient to operate the machines from a distance.

In addition, it is perfect solution for the rural area with a small or narrow road that truck or large boom pumps can not access.

Concrete mixer pump

used line pumps for sale

The third one, concrete mixer with pumps are more like an upgraded version of the concrete trailer pumps. This type of pumping machine mixes and pumps the cement aggregate at the same time on site.

It doesn’t need an extra pump truck to discharge the ready mixed concrete anymore. In this way, it’s the best perfect option when the concrete quality and requirement changes.

The engine motor has two options: electric motor and diesel motor.

Small and portable concrete pump mixer has a smaller concrete output volume from 30 m3/h to 40m3/h.

Large concrete pump mixer capacities are from 50 m3/h to 90 m3/h.

The concrete mixer pumps have a wide range of applications including high-rising buildings, basement, park construction, driveway buildings and etc.

Truck-mounted concrete with pumps

cement truck with pump

Next, truck-mounted concrete pumps are suitable for concrete construction of airports, buildings, bridges, tunnels, ports, wharves, large-scale stadiums, overpasses, etc.

The advantages of the vehicle-mounted pump are that it integrates running and pumping, compared with the tractor-trailer pump. It has high running speed, strong ability to maneuver and transfer operation.

And this type of pump is suitable for the working conditions of small-batch, multiple and narrow construction sites; compared with the pump truck, the price is relatively lower, while the height and the level of pumping distance are also larger.

The disadvantage of the vehicle-mounted pump is that it has no concrete placing mechanism, so it needs a manual placing pipe, which increases the working strength and the preparation time is relatively long.

Concrete boom pumps

concrete boom pump price

At last, concrete boom pumps are suitable for city construction, residential quarters, stadiums, flyovers, airports and other construction of concrete pumping.

The advantages of the pump truck are flexibility and efficiency. With walking speed (maximum speed of 80km/h), it can be transferred quickly from long distance.

Without need for additional pipes and long preparation time, it can flexibly rotate, and place fast and conveniently. At the same time, the pumping truck with wireless remote controller is usually easy and convenient to operate.

Meanwhile, the disadvantage is the collapse of concrete (ratio) requirements are higher and the pumping distance is limited by arm length.

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