Portable Concrete Mixer with Pump

Need a versatile concrete mixer pump to tackle more concreting jobs? Try a portable concrete mixer with pump!

Features as a compact machine, wide application, and high performance, Luton’s portable concrete mixer pump are highly praised by worldwide customers.

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Higher work efficiency by 40%

Lower cost by 30%

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Portable Concrete Mixer with Pump Models

Luton support customized service to meets your special requirement of the main part of the pumps. Among all of our portable concrete mixers with pumps, the most popular portable mixer pumps are JBS 30D, JBS 30C, JBS 40C, JBS 40D.

They are favored because of lightweight machines, flexible tires, and compact design.

Portable concrete mixer with pump JBS 30D/JBSC

portable concrete mixing and pumping machine
portable concrete pump diesel consumption
ModelJBS 30D
Max. Output capacity (m³/h)30
Mixer rated feed capacity ( m³ )0.56
Mixer rated discharge capacity ( m³ ) 0.35
Electrical engineering power (kw)37
Winding motor power (r/min)1480
Concrete cylinder diameter×stroke (mm)Φ140×1000
Max. aggregate diameter (mm)Slick/scree:40/50
Capacity of oil tank260

Portable concrete mixer with pump JBS 40D/JBS 40C

portable concrete mixer with pump
portable concrete mixer with pump machine price
ModelJBS 40D
Max. Output capacity (m³/h)40
Mixer rated feed capacity ( m³ )0.56
Mixer rated discharge capacity ( m³ )0.45
Electrical engineering power (kw)45
Concrete cylinder diameter×stroke (mm)Φ180×1000
Winding motor power (r/min)1480
Max. aggregate diameter (mm)Max. aggregate diameter
Capacity of oil tank (L)370

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Concrete Pump Producing Process

Luton is committing to providing you with the best concrete pump and service. Each procedure adheres to the highest standards and national standards.

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What they say:

“I ordered a JBS 30 C concrete mixer pump for my house repairing, and I have to say it is completely beyond my expectation! Stable performance, smooth operation and automatic control system. Choosing Luton is a wise choice!”

Main Features of Portable Concrete Mixer with Pump

why choose concrete pump mixer

Occupying less space

Traditionally, we would choose to hire a mixer truck and a concrete pump to deliver a concrete pump. There will be two pieces of equipment on the worksites, occupying more spaces.

However, when the construction is processing in a narrow or small place, there be less space left for workers and other materials.

On the contrary, a portable concrete mixer pump occupies less land, because a large truck mixer is no longer needed.

Expanding wide application

For many residential concrete constructions, they do not require a large capacity concrete pump and there is no need to purchase a super-powerful concrete pump and another truck mixer because the concrete pump makes it possible to mix and pump at the same time.

Smaller volumes and simpler machines can be applied for many constructions compared to other concrete pump types.

It handles indoor projects and rural construction projects, covering floors, roads, houses which require no-sie mixing. Apart from that, our portable concrete mixer pump can be set up in a narrow space where the larger pump machine-like boom pumps is not able to access.

Operating the machine easily

The small and compact concrete mixer pump is lightweight to transport. If you choose the towable concrete mixer pump, you can drive and drag it with the existing vehicles.

Compares to the boom concrete pump, the portable concrete mixer pump is easier to master after training. Fewer operators are needed to start with. Also, our concrete mixer pump has a wireless control system, allowing the operator to control it from a distance.

Besides, the electric control system is specially designed to reduce the operation steps. You just need to turn on/off the switch and push the bottom, the machine will start working.

Delivering concrete faster

The portable concrete mixer pump is easy to move, which shorts the transportation times. Not like stationary concrete pumps, it has strong adaptability to operations.

As an integrative machine that combines mixing and pumping functions into one, it can be said a piece of effective equipment for concrete pumping. For some construction project requires concrete mixing on-site, it will be the best solution.

Luton’s concrete ensures continuous concrete pumping and delivery, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

What Types of Concrete Mixer with Pump Can You Choose?

Here are two options for your choices: diesel concrete mixer pump and electric mixer pump

Diesel concrete mixer with pump

concrete pump with diesel motor

The diesel concrete mixer pump is equipped with a diesel engine, stronger and powerful.

It prevails in areas that have terrible access to stable electricity, or the rated voltage doesn’t reach the standards.

The diesel motor is widely used in rural areas and less developed areas, easy and stable to use. What is more, the diesel engine is more powerful than the electric engine.

However, it costs you a little bit more than a concrete mixer pump with a diesel motor.

The largest advantage of the diesel concrete mixer with a pump is the stability, which is crucial for construction projects. The pause during operation may cause potential risks.

If you are interested in our diesel concrete mixer pump, please contact us to know more about it.

Electric concrete mixer with pump

portable concrete pump with mixer

You can tell from its name, the electric concrete mixer with a pump is powered by an electric engine, one of the popular mixer pump models.

When your constructions are processing in areas with a stable electricity supply, this type of cement concrete pump is a better choice for you.

The electricity mixer pump costs you less than diesel fuel, and it is easier to maintain than a diesel concrete pump.

The portable electric concrete pump can deal with many smaller size construction projects. We provide you different capacities of concrete pumps at an affordable price!

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