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Need a pump machine for a small work area? Need a compact concrete pump to transport? Check out our towable concrete pump for sale now!

Luton’s towable concrete pump is designed to reduce the total machine weight and improve its flexibility! Customization service is also available!

towable concrete pump for sale models

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Hot Models of Towable Concrete Pump For Sale

We provide two types of towable concrete pumps: towable concrete trailer pump and towable mixer pump.

Following are the best selling capacities and models of towable concrete pumps: HBTS 30, HBTS40, JBS 30D, JBS 40D.

We have more models and please send us your inquiry.

Towable concrete trailer pump – HBTS 30

Our Quotation: $ 17, 000 – $ 30, 000 VS. Market price: $ 22, 000 – $ 50, 000

ModelHBTS 30
Max. Output capacity (m³/h)30
Max.Concrete Pumping Pressure (Mpa)10
Max. Horizontal Conveying Distance (m)450
Distribution Valve TypeS Valve

Towable concrete trailer pump HBTS 40

Our Quotation: $ 17, 000 – $ 30, 000 VS. Market price: $ 23, 000 – $ 50, 000

ModelHBTS 40
Max. Output capacity (m³/h)40
Max.Concrete Pumping Pressure (Mpa)10
Max. Vertical Conveying Distance (m)800
Distribution Valve TypeS Valve

Towable concrete mixer pump JBS 30D

Our Quotation: $ 18, 000 – $ 30, 000 VS. Market price: $ 25, 000 – $ 50, 000

ModelJBS 30D
Max. Output capacity (m³/h)30
Mixer rated feed capacity ( m³ )0.56
Electrical engineering power (kw)37
Capacity of oil tank260

Towable concrete mixer pump JBS 40D

Our Quotation: $ 20, 000 – $ 50, 000 VS. Market price: $ 30, 000 – $ 60, 000

ModelJBS 40D
Max. Output capacity (m³/h)40
Mixer rated feed capacity ( m³ )0.56
Electrical engineering power (kw)45
Capacity of oil tank (L)370

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“Very high-duty and versatile. The tires is flexible to move, stable and durable. It was dragged by a small car and moved for a distance. I highly recommend Luton’s towable concrete pump!”

– Roque Jace Ward Taruc from Phillippines

“When I have no clue about which kind of concrete to buy, I send message to Luotn’s staff, and they quickly respond me and give me advice based on my business. I finally bought a towable concrete mixer pump, and it really productive.”

– Max Morgen from Australia

What Is the Towable Concrete Pump?

towable concrete pump

The towable concrete pump is also called trailer pump, line pump, tow-behind concrete pump and also known as pull behind concrete pump.

It is a commonly used machine in many construction jobs and sites. Featured as compact, lightweight, and flexible, towable concrete pumps are popular among rural and urban construction. It can be mounted on a truck chassis, also can be dragged by a trailer or a tractor.

Equipped with tires, it can be relocated and transported at a distance on work sites, therefore, it is more convenient than the static concrete pump. Well, you can also consider the towable concrete pump as the combination of a stationary cement pump and tires.

In terms of working processes and principles, it is familiar to static concrete pumps. After the mixer truck discharges the ready mixed cement into the hopper, and then the wet concrete is sucked out of the hopper to the materials cylinder and then distributed through pipelines.

The towable concrete pump is a better solution for high-rising constructions, road repair, and indoor projects, etc.

Advantages of Towable Concrete Pumps?

The towable concrete pump enjoys a high reputation among customers and business contractors for being productive and cost-effective.

Here are the main advantages of applying the tow-behind concrete pump.

Safe to use

The concrete pump machine keeps workers safe and reduces accident rates. In the past years, the safety of the staff is not been a neglectable problem and many policies and regulations have been carried out to protect worker’s safety and right.

The experience and case have proved that the towable concrete pump minimizes the possibility of accidents which usually comes with huge losses.

The mobile concrete pump is equipped with an intelligent electric control system, which can be also controlled from a distance. Therefore the labor doesn’t have to stay too close to operate.

Besides, the mixing and pumping functions are more simple and coherent to operate involving less interruptions.

Fewer laborers needed

Compared with the traditional concrete placing method that needs several people to mix and convey concrete with wheelbarrows, the movable concrete pump requires fewer people to operate. Therefore, more people can be allocated to other jobs, you don’t need to hire too many people.

The concrete pump not only simply cuts the cost of hiring laborers or reduces the expenses on construction, but also it promotes the work efficiency of the whole project.

Besides, some functions and operations are set in advance, therefore, the failures rate will be reduced as well.

Accessible to more tasks

Towable concrete pumps are quite versatile and high-duty for many constructions jobs. Owing to its special design, the towable pump is applicable for most common constructions.

Basic high rising building construction, concrete infusion of pillar, and wall concreting can be easily finished by a mobile concrete pump.

From another perspective, this type of concrete pump with tires can be applied for many narrow and limited space where other types of pumps can not aceess.

Easy to maintain

Talking about regular maintenance, it is always a tough task. Since a concrete pump can involve lots of parts and components.

However, our towable concrete pumps have simple structures to take care of. The hopper is special designed to reduce the quantity of remaining concrete after every time you use it.

The pipeline needs to be cleaned carefully as well, while it doesn’t need experts to do it. Some skilled workers can handles this job.

The lower maintenance process decrease the blockage rate and reduce the cost. Meanwhile, the appropriate maintenance will prolong the service life of the products.

Easy to transport

The towable concrete pump can be dragged by a tractor to move around on the worksite. Also it can be mounted on a vehicle. It is convenient to convey concrete to the construction site.

Sometime, a project locates a larger place or more than one construction site, therefore, an pump with higher movability is necessary to shorten the reaction and transporting time.

How to Protect Tires When Towing and Dragging Concrete Pumps

how to protect concrete pump tires

As the cost of concrete mixer vehicles continues to rise, people are looking for ways to cut down the expense in every part. To be honest, concrete pump tires are cost-consuming if they are worn out quickly.

Therefore, check out the following rule to protect concrete pump tires and prolong its product life.

Check if there are any cracks on tires

Cracks in the tire surface highly impact the tire service life. Check if there are cracks or deformation on the tire surfaces regularly.

The pattern groove of the tire gradually becomes shallow aftering a long time and distance driving. When the tires becomes flat, the performance of anti-skid of the concrete pump will be greatly reduced.

Sometimes, the small cracks may cause flat tire at high speed. In addition, remember to remove the pebbles in the groove in time.

Do not wash it with hot waters

Towable concrete pump tires are prone to be overheat and the air pressure in the tire will increase in summer after high-speed driving.

Therefore heat dissipation is necessary, however it is strictly prohibited to release airs or apply hot water cooling, preventing abnormal aging of tread rubber.

Avoid emergency braking

Avoid frequent use of brake and emergency brake to accelerate wear caused by dragging friction between tire and ground.

The operator should control the proper speed when turning, and crossing narrow road and watch out the people and cars.

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