Small Concrete Pump Truck

small concrete pump truck

Small concrete pump truck of LUTON GROUP, with high efficiency, flexible suitability and convenient operation, is widely used in various-scaled infrastructure construction projects, rural and urban building projects and other special construction jobs.

Actually, you can regard it as a combination of concrete pump equipment and transport vehicles. Thanks to the truck chassis, concrete pump machine mounted on which can reach to farther project site than concrete pump trailer. With long pipeline or intelligent boom, small concrete pump truck can deliver concrete to almost any working area.

LUTON Small Concrete Pump Truck

LUTON small concrete pump truck includes small concrete boom pump, small truck mounted concrete line pump and smalll truck mounted concrete mixer pump. The word “small” here means small body structure and small productivity.

Small Concrete Boom Pump

Suitable Areas: foundation concrete pouring jobs, bridge and high-rise building projects, etc.

Price Range: $110,000 – $450,000

small concrete boom pump truck
Max.theo.concrete output40m3/h50m3/h
Max.concrete pumping pressure10MPa10MPa
Vertical height of boom15.4M22M
Radius of place concrete13-16M20M
Leg open width5.5M5.5M
Diesel engine modelWP4G110E220
Engine power82KW82KW
Travelling diesel engine power32HP32HP

Small concrete boom pump is also callled small concrete placing boom pump truck, thanks to its flexibility and high efficiency, boom pump truck is a hot sale in construction machinery market. There are different small long boom pump trucks in LUTON GROUP, for your selection, such as 14m, 20m etc.

Small Truck-mounted Concrete Line Pump

Small truck mounted concrete line pump is one of leading products in LUTON concrete pump truck family. This kind of pump truck with compact structure delives concrete materials through pipeline and hose, just like concrete trailer pumps.

You can simply consider this type of pump truck as the combination of a concrete trailer line pump and a transporation truck. As soom as long enough pipeline, it can convey concrete to almost any construction point. Without installation and disinstallation, once the truck is on site and the pipeline is on ready, the concrete line pump on the truck is available to put in construction work.

Suitable Areas: narrow tunnels, subway station projects, underground construction and so on.

Price Range: $45,000 – $95,000

Maximum Theoretical Concrete Output (m3/h)100
Aggregate Size (mm)Pebble≤50
Power (kw)186
Conveying Cylinder Diameter (mm)Ф230×1800
Hydraulic System Pressure (Mpa)32
Type Of Distribution ValveS Valve
Maximum Theoretical Conveying Distance (m)1000/250
Concrete output (m3/h)50
Pump Pressure (Mpa)9
Main Motor Power (kw)45
Mixer ModelJS500
Main Oil Pump Cylinder × Stroke (mm) Φ100×1000
Conveying Cylinder × Stroke (mm) Φ200×1000
Max. aggregate diameter (mm) Gravel 40 / Pebble 50

Small Truck-mounted Concrete Mixer Pump

Small truck-mounted concrete mixer boom pump, also known as small concrete mixing boom pump, is a new type of concrete pump truck, composed of forced mixer and concrete pump truck, automatic feeding, mixing and pumping, achieved mechanization in construction. We adopt forced and double shaft mixer, not only fast in mixing, but also excellent in producing good-quality concrete. 

What’s more, small boom trucks save the process of fixing up and down the pipes, this would greatly reduce operators, save labor costs, and improve construction efficiency. 

Suitable Areas: All construction areas needing concrete materials mixed and pumped quickly onsite.

Generator EngineStraight 6 Cylinder
Boom Form4 Section Hydraulic Fold
Platform Rotation360°
Boom Horizontal Length/ Depth19.73/23 m
Hydraulic System Pressure20 MPa
Conveying Pipe DiameterΦ125 mm

Features of LTUON Small Concrete Pump Truck

small concrete pump truck
  • Equipped with hydraulic oil pump and valve group from German Rexroth, Japanese Kawasaki and other world-famous international brands.
  • The central electrical element is from Japan famous brand, Omron or Mitsubishi.
  • The oil cylinder is inlet-sealed, with high-low pressure switch funtion.
  • The famous home-made main cylinder, hopper, concrete cylinder and S-valve keep a reliable performance of the product.
  • The new-generation pump supported by electrical ratio control technique has infinitely variable control capacity.
  • Air cooling or water cooling system can be chosen according to operation environment conveniently.
  • With the streamline arc appearance, the product is more attractive and durable.
  • The hydraulic container and steel pipe are all after acid-pickling and phosphating treatments to keep a clean hydraulic system, which prolongs the service life of main pump truck, control valve and other elements.
  • Small structure save space of construction site and easier to change working site.

Advantages of LUTON Small Concrete Pump Truck

Small Structure and Light Weight

Mentioned to the advantages of small concrete pump truck, small structure and light weight are the highlights. The convenient and flexible truck body ensure it available to convey concrete materials to construction areas other pump machine cannot reach.

Flexible Mobility

Mounted on a truck chassis, small concrete pump truck can easily travel to construction sites at far terrain area.

Strong Pumping Ability

Adopted advanced full stroke control technology and smart pumping control technology, with high efficient placing boom or high/low pumping pressure, small concrete pump truck can convey concrete materials to aim point in a short time.

Easy Installation

Wether it is a small concrete boom pump or a small concrete line pump, small concrete pump trucks are all have the common advantage of easy installation. No need to load or unload on truck, once the small concrete pump truck arrives at the construction site, it only need to be parked and fixed on an stable area, then connect the delivery pipeline. It can be put into work immediately

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