High-Pressure Concrete Pump

The high-pressure concrete pump finishes your middle and large constructions from high-rise buildings and factory buildings with high performance!

Luton’s high-pressure concrete pump offers all yields from 30 m³/h to 90 m³/h to meet all commercial and residential projects needs!

high-pressure concrete pump

High productivity
improve efficiency by 30%

High-rise pumping
reach high up to 360 meters

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High Pressure Concrete Pumping Models

Hot models on sale

Luton provides various high-pressure and large capacity concrete pumps including trailer concrete pump, concrete pump truck, concrete boom pump, and mixer pump.

If you are working on a large project in an open area, get a concrete pump truck and boom pump; if you are processing small projects on a tight worksite, a static concrete and mixer pump will be your first choice.

These are all high-pressure concrete pumps, and below we recommend two popular models:

Best Seller: HBT90C-18-176R

Engine type: Diesel/Electric

hbts90 concrete pump trailer
ModelHBTS 90
Max. Output Capacity (m³/h)95
Max.Concrete Pumping Pressure (Mpa)18
Max. Vertical Conveying Distance (m)360
Distribution Valve TypeS valve

Mostly Asked: HBCS80

Engine type: Diesel/Electric

high pressure concrete pump truck
Max. Output Capacity (m³/h)88
Max.Concrete Pumping Pressure (Mpa)16
Max. Vertical Conveying Distance (m)180
Distribution Valve TypeS valve

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Why High Pressure Cement Pumps?

A high pressure concrete pump is widely used in commercial construction projects or residential jobs which require concrete to be pumped to high buildings.

Applying a high-pressure concrete pump improved the efficiency of your job greatly. And for some contractors, the high-pressure concrete machine is worthy buying because it brings you more profits.

Here are the reasons and advantages of a high pressure concrete pump:

Large output capacity

Compared to small and mini concrete pump, which is mostly used on middle-size project, the high-pressure concrete pump can pour a large amount of concrete to distribution points. Large capacity means high productivity when working on large projects. Therefore, it shorts your cycle time as well.

Luton provides all concrete pumps with all various capacities, not only limited to the high-pressure concrete pump but also mini static pumps for certain jobs.

(Check out the concrete pump capacity.)

Shorten the construction time

Reducing the concrete pouring time means you can finish your projects in advance. In this case, you can carry on another job or you can rent the pump to other contractors. Time is indeed money.

Use Luton’s concrete pump is always the right choice since we adopt high-quality components and offer your lower price.

Pump concrete higher

The high-pressure concrete pump usually has a powerful pumping system. The powerful fixed concrete pump, truck-mounted concrete pumping machine, and mixer concrete pump convey cement through pipelines. Therefore, when using a powerful pump, the concrete can be sent to high-rise buildings via extended hoses.

Luton’s pressure concrete pump definitely handles it well. The maximum theoretical conveying distance vertically and horizontal are 150 m and 1000 m.

High return rate

A powerful and large-capacity concrete pump is an investment. If you buy such a piece of equipment for renting, it is worthy purchasing. And the return rate is higher than 35% and you will cover your cost within 3 years, while the concrete pump can be used for at least 15 years.

Luton’s powerful concrete pump saves oil and reduces emissions, therefore, it is safe and less energy-consuming.

How Far Can Concrete Be Pumped?

The pumping distance of a concrete pump is depended on the pumping direction, the engine power, the pumping pressure, the material characteristicss, etc.

Generally, the average concrete pumping distance of a concrete line pump is 80m to 100m vertically and 500m horizontally.

High Pumping Machine Options

When it comes to high-pressure cement pumping machines, you have some options for your job.

Here are two inexpensive but effective pump types for your choice!

Concrete Trailer Pumps

A trailer pump is always the first choice when people need a high-pressure concrete pump for a small or middle project.

It occupies less workplace but conveys concrete pump to a higher place. It can be transported to the work site by truck. Since it is more compact and lightweight, you can easily move it around.

It is widely used in hydropower, driveway, rural and urban construction, and high-rise pumping pouring construction, which is effective and economical.

However, you need to install the concrete pipes in advance, and then assembly them when everything is done.

If you prefer a large concrete pump with truck chassis for transportation, check out our cement pump truck.

Concrete Mixer Pumps


A concrete pump mixer combines mixing and pumping functions into one, which is more effective.

The concrete mixer can be transported to the worksite, and you do no need another mixer truck and wait for ready mixed concrete. Therefore the total cost has been reduced by 50%. It improves productivity at least 4 times that of traditional methods, which greatly speeds up the construction process.

It is suitable for concrete pouring jobs such as self-built houses, factory buildings, and slabs, pavement construction, garbage, and park or hospitals in rural and urban areas.

The high-pressure concrete mixer pump is a wise choice for success. And of course, it also brings you a high return.

(More options: Check out our small size and capacity concrete pump)

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