Concrete Mixer Truck with Pump

A concrete mixer truck with pump is a piece of ideal equipment for middle size construction jobs. They can mix and transport ready-mixed concrete directly to the worksite.

Luton’s mixer pump truck handles different demands of concrete slumps. Featured as simple, highly functional, and economical, our mixer truck is a wise choice for your projects!

High efficiency
Save your time by 35%

High return
Increase profits by 40%

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Concrete Mixer Trucks with Pumps Hot models on sale

Luton’s concrete mixer truck with a pump can reach delivery rates of over 60 m³/h.

More importantly, not like the regular mixer truck, Luton mixer pump is equipped with a pump, allowing concrete to be pumped and placed far to 1000m and high to 120 m.

You can purchase a concrete mixer truck, which cost you more, or you have another option – a trailer-mounted concrete mixer pump, which is more economical.

Our concrete trailer pumps on sale include but are not limited to:


Model BJ5102THB
Max. Output capacity (m³/h)40
Max.Concrete Pumping Pressure (Mpa)13
Max. Vertical Conveying Distance (m)150
Distribution Valve TypeS Valve


Model JBS 40D
Max. Output capacity (m³/h)40
Max.Concrete Pumping Pressure (Mpa)10
Max. Vertical Conveying Distance (m)120
Distribution Valve TypeS Valve

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“I was looking for a ecomonical concrete mixer, but they were to expensive. I checked out the Amix and Schwing Stetter, and turned out that I can afforded it. Finally I choose Luton’s mixer pump , It is really amazing, cheaper and better!”

– Chabota from Zambia

“I was planning to buy a mixer truck at first, and when I contact with Luotn’s team and told them about my projects, they suggested me buy a static mixer pump. They are very prefessional, and the compact mixer really works well!”

– Isko from Ethiopia

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What Is a Concrete Mixer Pump?

The main purpose of the concrete mixer truck is to transport the ready-mixed concrete or mortar to the construction site.

Since the rotating speed of the mixing drum can be adjusted, the mixer truck guarantees the concrete will not segregate or be settled within the specified distance and time of transportation to maintain good flowability.

Concrete mixer trucks are mostly used for the construction of commercial mixing stations and large-scale projects. They must be equipped with a tank truck that can pass and receive materials.

Now large and medium cities generally promote commercial concrete, which can save costs and reduce dust pollution.

If you prefer a smaller and compact concrete pump mixer that can be used for pouring and mixing concrete, check out the concrete mixer with pump.

Features of Concrete Mixer Truck with Pump

concrete mixer pump truck

Highly functional

The cement mixer truck with a pump combines mixing, convening, pouring, and pumping concrete into one. Therefore, you don’t have to purchase a mixer and concrete pump separately. Only a mixer truck with a pump can finish most of your concrete placing work.

Large concrete pouring

The mixer truck can easily reach delivery rates of more than 60 m³/h, which can meet many concrete output demands of middle and large size constructions, such as building a hospital and a gym.

Check out more options for large constructions.

Lower fuel consumption

Luton’s cement truck mixer needs less stroke, therefore, it is more durable for reducing wear and consuming less fuel. Besides, our mixer trucks are constructed with high-tensile steel for endurance and resistance to friction.

Flexible transportation

Compared to static concrete mixer pumps, the mixer truck is more flexible to transport concrete to a long distance. The truth chassis will carry the drum to construction worksites.

High return

You can also buy mixers for rent. Whether you can make money or not depends on business stability. The profit is usually above 35%, and the cost can generally be recovered within two years of business.

Why Concrete Mixer Truck With Truck?

concrete mixer pump for flexible use

Compared to a concrete mixer truck, the concrete mixer pump is more affordable and compact.

It is another type of concrete mixing pump, can be applied in middle size or busy construction work. Our concrete mixer pump adopts a high-quality system and exported components, therefore it ensures high and stable performance and prevents failures in the operating process.

Advantages of concrete mixer pump Truck

(1) Lutons’s mixer machine with pump adopts an intelligent control system for easy control. Therefore, you the operator can adjust the engine speed to ensure smooth operation and save fuel consumption.

(2) Although the mixer pump is compact, the outlet pressure is pretty high to pump concrete to high-rise buildings and convey concrete to constructions far away.

(3) It is economical to use. For regular projects, a small concrete mixer pump promotes work efficiency greatly while costing you less.

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