Mobile Pumpcrete

What is mobile pumpcrete?

Mobile Pumpcrete is a solution of fast concrete delivery. It is commonly used in not only large-scale commercial construction projects, but also small and medium scale residential projects. Aiming to high efficient pumping, simple working process, flexible transportation and high quality products, mobile pumpcrete equipment emerges in line of concrete conveying machinery.

mobile cement trailer pumping machine

High efficiency

Simple process

Flexible transport

High quality products

Benefits of mobile pumpcrete

how does a concrete pump work

Before pumping, concrete was supplied to construction sites in traditional ways, including cranes, trolleys and manual method.

As a result, a large number of concrete mixing and conveying machinery are born. Among them, one of the most popular equipment emerge known as efficient and convenient concrete pumping machine.

It pumps concrete liquid mixture along pipelines or boom arms to construction sites by adequate pressure. In this way, the traditional production model has been completely overturned.

Saving consumption of labor, material, and time resources, the efficiency of construction has been improved greatly. Pumpcrete equipment has become an essential construction machinery for a variety of concrete construction projects.

With the continuous improvement of concrete pump manufacturing technology, aiming to more convenient, rapid and mass concrete pumping, engineers have designed more portable concrete pumping equipment that can be easily moved among sites.

Compared with stationary concrete pumping equipment, mobile pumpcrete with lots of benefits is pursuited by more investors.

Compact and Simple Structure

Multiple function units are integrated in one. Compact and simple modular design benefits for space saving, easy transporting and convenient maintenance.


No need of more labor and extra equipment, it saves lots of costs for investors. So it is called the high cost-efficient model of concrete delivery machine.

Movable and Flexible

Some mobile pumpcrete machines are installed on a trailer chassis, so they can be easily towed by a truck on site. Some mobile pumpcrete equipment on a truck chassis can be transported more far away from different project site.

The convenient moving methods make concrete pumping flexibly adapt to various types of engineering construction sites.

Accurate and Efficient Conveying

Benefited from the flexibly placement of the conveying pipeline or the intelligent arm boom, pumping machine can precisely get to the target construction point. Coupled with powerful pumping capacity, precise and efficient concrete delivery is easily fulfilled.

Solutions of Mobile Concrete Pumping

There are several different types of mobile concrete pumps. With their unique characteristics, they are playing important roles in different construction projects. The application ranges from large-scale constructions of commercial buildings, bridges, highway roads, subway stations, water conservation facilities to small-scale projects of residential housing, tunnels, house secondary structure etc.

Concrete Trailer Pumps

Suitable for small or medium scale construction works

Price Range: $20,000-$40,000

40m3 pumpcrete trailer
  • High cost-efficiency
  • Compact and Small Structure
  • Flexible Pipeline conveying available for places hard to reach
  • Strong pumping capacity to farther and higher targets
ModelHBTS Diesel SeriesHBTS Electric Series
Max.Output Rapacity (m³/h)10-1005-80
Max.Concrete Pumping Pressure(Mpa)8-163-16
Max. Vertical Conveying Distance (m)120-18050-150
Max. Horizontal Conveying Distance (m)350-800150-400
Distribution Valve TypeS ValveS Valve
Circuit typeOpen circuitOpen circuit

Concrete Mixer Pump Trailers

Suitable for small or medium scale construction projects

Price Range: $20,000-$46,000

40m3 mixer pumpcrete machine
  • Base on concrete pump trailer and add a mixing unit
  • Multiple functions in one
  • High quality concrete material assurance
  • Flexible and Efficient Pumping
ModelJBS Diesel SeriesJBS Electric Series
Max. Output capacity (m³/h)30-4030-40
Max.Concrete Pumping Pressure (Mpa)6-118
Max. Vertical Conveying Distance (m)100-13080
Max. Horizontal Conveying Distance (m)300-400250
Distribution Valve TypeS ValveS Valve
Circuit typeOpen circuitOpen circuit

Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps

Suitable for all-scales construction. Especially convenient for frequently site transition.
Price Range: $45,000-$95,000

truck line pump
  • Flexible transport between construction sites
  • Modular design suits to fast installation and movement
  • International standard components from famous brand ensures high performance
  • Efficient and Convenient. Without any complex installation process, concrete pump truck can swiftly involve in the pumping job on site.
Product ModelUnitHBC80-18-176RSHJBC30-18-85RS
Max. Theoretical Output Capacitym³/h88/6030
Concrete Pumping PressureMpa18/128
Max. Theoretical Conveying Distancem260/960120/400
Conveying Cylinder SizemmФ230*1800Ф200*800
Hopper VolumeL600650
Engine Power RatingKW17685
Gross MassKg120008000

Concrete Boom Pumps

Suitable for medium and large scale construction projects.

Price Range: $110,000-$450,000

It can swiftly deliver concrete materials to high-rise place and areas hard to reach for common concrete pumps through the unique intelligent boom arm.

65 meter concrete boom pump
  • High efficiency and powerful working performance
  • Flexibility for various working areas
  • High automatic operation
Max. Theoretical outputm3/h85100200200180
Rated working pressureMPa3232323542
Max. Theor. concrete output PressureMPa8.710.58.88.811.3
Pumping frequencymin-12227323226
Filling heightmm14001100154015401540
Hydraulic system typeOpenOpenClosedOpenClosed
Distribution valveS valveS valveS valveS valveS valve
Max.Vertical Heightm29.237.9651.356.162.1
Max.Vertical Depthm17.825.4836.641.246.4
Max.Horizontal Lengthm2533.2846.352.156.9

New and Used Mobile Pumpcrete

Two ways to solute mobile pumpcrete issues: a new concrete pump machine or a used one. Buying a new concrete pump is the recommended way.

That is because a new machine ensures the long service life, high products quality, thoughtful after-sale service, high efficient working and wide application. Though the cost is higher than used pump, it can bring stable performance and return profit in short term.

So, a new concrete pump machine is always the best choice for investors.

Tips For Maintenance of Mobile Cement Pumps

Good equipment condition is the foundation of all smoothy work. Preventive maintenance ensures the long life of a machine and keeps it in good condition. That is critical for any equipment. Regular maintenance reduces the risk of failure and saves you more time and money. Fewer emergency shutdowns and failures mean good and stable working condition. This is what all investors want.

Regular Maintenance

how to maintain concrete pump
  • Check the hydraulic oil level. Oil or oiliness should be pale yellow transparent, no emulsion or turbid phenomenon. Otherwise, please replace it.
  • Fill it up with grease. Water tank should be filled up with fresh water. Concrete piston and lubricating oil gun should be filled once per shift.
  • Check the concrete piston. It should be well sealed. Make sure no slurry permeation into water tank.
  • Check the cutting ring. Glasses plate clearance should be less than the biggest gap, 2 mm.
  • Check the lubrication system working condition, S-tube bearing swing arm and mixing shaft bearing.
  • Make sure the electrical components function in normal.
  • Make sure the distributing valve reverses correctly and the mixing device (forward and backward) works normally.
  • Check wear and tear of concrete pipe in striking way.
  • Ensure the pipe joint sealing is good.
  • Check the hydraulic system and make sure no oil spill or oil leakage phenomenon.

Maintenance after 50 hours work or 1500-2500m3 output

  • Previous maintenance.
  • Check all the thread connection and make sure strong guarantee connection.
  • Check the water tank and elbrow rod connecting bolts to make sure the the firm connection.
  • Check vacuum gauge and filter element.

The maintenance after 100 hours work or 3500-5000m3 output

  • Previous maintenance.
  • Check the wear of cutting ring and glasses plate.
  • Check the wear of the concrete pistons. Replace it when it is necessary.
  • Check if the hydraulic oil is deteriorated or emulisified. If it is, thoroughly change the oil and fully clean the tank.
  • Check if the hydraulic oil mixed with too much water.

Maintenance after 500 hours work or 5000-25000m3 output

  • Previous maintenance.
  • Check wear of S pipe and position of the s tube bearing.
  • Check the mixing device. Make clear the wear of mixing blades and mixing shaft bearing.
  • Check the hydraulic oil. Change the new hydraulic oil when necessary. What’s more use the oil from the recommended brand. Generally, oil should be replaced completely at a time every 800m3 concrete pumping.

Maintenance after 750-hour work

  • Previous maintenance.
  • Check wear of the concrete cylinder. The chromium plating layer must be changed in case of serious wear.
  • Comprehensive pump debugging makes sure performance and parameters conform to requirements.

There are also more details on maintenance tips. Welcome click on the following button and contact us.

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