Concrete Pump Super Long Boom

Concrete pump super long boom is able to reach up to 227 feet vertically and 213 feet horizontally to finish super large projects such as viaducts.

Luton’s super long boom pump undoubtedly improves your experience for being lightweight and stable. Besides, the boom length can be customized according to your special needs.

concrete pump super long boom for higher reach

Large concrete output

200 m3/h

Advanced high-tech

Ergonic Pump System

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Concrete Pump Super Long Boom Specifications

Most concrete pump trucks with a boom of 32 meters are enough long for most construction jobs. When it comes to super long boom, let’s take a 70-meter long concrete pump as an example.

Here are diagrams and chart to show you 70-meter concrete pump truck specifications:

70 meter boom pump diagram

long boom parameters
70 meter long boom concrete pump

Boom Length

69.3 m

Fold Design



160 m³/h



Boom specification

Vertical Reach69.3 m
Horizontal Reach64.9 m
Reach Depth50 m
Unfolding Height24.5 m

Pump specification

Max. Theoretical Output 160 m3/h
Max. Pumping Pressure 85 bar
Stroke Length2100 mm
Max. Strokes per minute31

General specification

Pipelines Size117 mm
End Hose Length3 m
Front Axle Weight16.6 kg
Total Tractor Weight38.5 Kg

Concrete Pump Super Long Boom Cases

concrete truck pump

Long concrete boom pump truck is working on a large shopping mall

70 m boom pump are placing concrete for a stadium construction

what is the concrete pump

What Is Called Super Long Placing Boom

super long boom truck

According to the length of the boom, there are three types of truck-mounted concrete pumps:

1. Short-boom pump trucks that are less than 30 meters.

2. Regular boom pump trucks between 30-40 meters.

3. and long-boom pump trucks between 40-50 meters.

When the boom length exceeds 50 meters, we call it the super long boom pump truck.

The most commonly seen concrete boom pumps are regular long boom pump trucks and long boom pump trucks. And they are can deal with concrete pumping and placing work for small, middle, and large size construction projects.

The length of the boom directly determines the pumping height. Rural floor pouring is generally on 3-5 floors, with an overall height of about 11-18 meters and a width of 6-12 meters. In this way, the length of the boom should be selected with a 32-meter concrete boom pump.

For a super-long chassis pump truck, its disadvantage is that when the outriggers are deployed, it occupies a large place. Therefore, it is difficult for an average small construction site to accommodate such a behemoth.

But remember, discuss the boom length solution with our expert. The unscientific customized placing boom length may not be able to pump concrete to the ideal height and is unstable to use when it is too long.

101 Meter Super Long Boom – World Record

101 meter long concrete truck

101-meter long boom pump truck is the world’s longest concrete pumping truck with 7 bridges and 7 sections. The total length of the boom is 101.18 meters, which breaks the Guinness World Record.

The 101-meter pump truck is a composite technology product jointly developed by Zoomlion and Italian CIFA. In 2008, Zoomlion acquired CIFA, a world-renowned concrete machinery brand in Italy. After two years of technological integration, Zoomlion’s CIFA composite technology was launched in February 2011.

The pump truck can easily complete the concrete pouring 30-floors building. The conventional concrete placing methods for 30-story buildings are low efficiency and have to apply multiple pumps like stationary concrete pump and concrete mixer pump.

But now 95% of high-rise buildings will “use one pump to the end”, which greatly improves the overall work in the building construction field. Efficiency, while reducing energy consumption.

The 101-meter pump truck uses 120 patented technologies. For example, the mature carbon fiber boom structure with 7-section boom technology reduces the weight of the pump truck boom by more than 40%. It prevents traditional steel boom crack and the service life is prolonged to more than 20 years.

The 101-meter pump truck achieves ultra-long span pumping under some extreme working conditions. The efficiency of pumping concrete is 1.36 times that of a 60-meter pump truck.

Is the Super Long Boom a Right Option

when to use long concrete boom pump

The super long boom cement pumping can reach a higher and longer distance. However, if it is used for new rural construction or any other construction jobs in narrow worksites, the extra-long boom is not necessarily a choice.

Assuming that you purchase a 61-meter concrete pump truck, and the site you are constructing is in a small rural village with a small space. There is no way to guarantee the flexibility of operation, let alone the speed of construction progress.

A long boom will not only be unworthy but also makes it impossible to deploy the concrete pump truck in such a construction site. Therefore, the pump truck boom does not have to be the longest.

When choosing the best placing boom length, you must take into account the construction situation, practicability, cost, safety, maintainability, and so on.

Besides, you also should pay attention to the local buildings and the rental market. It cost you serval million dollars to purchase a super long boom truck. If the rental price is too high, you will lose many customers. If the price is too low, there is no profit at all but only a loss.

So, customize a suitable concrete truck boom for your project to maximize the profits.

Other concrete pump choices for your construction:

  1. Trailer mounted concrete pump
  2. Fixed concrete pump
  3. Cement Pump Truck

Safety Tips To Set Up Outrigger

setting up ourriggers and unfold boom

Setting up the outrigger on the truck chassis is vital to keep it stable and safe. Otherwise, when you pumping concrete, there could be risks that the truck chassis would overturn, causing damage and accidents. Therefore, check out the following regulation and makes sure operation safety.

Stretch outriggers fully and firmly

The weight of the chassis and the span of deployed outriggers ensure high stability and support for the truck.

The outriggers of the pump truck have fixed strengthening positions, which can exert maximum strength only when the outriggers are opened and stretched completely, otherwise, the outriggers will be in danger of breaking.

When unfolding or retracting the outriggers, people should be prohibited to walk in. Beware of the safety of yourself and the people next to you.

Set outriggers in the same horizontal plane

After setting up outriggers, make sure that the maximum horizontal deflection angle of the pump truck does not exceed 3 degrees.

The pump trucks products are generally equipped with an electronic level and an alarm device. Once the pump truck is too inclined, the alarm will warn to remind the operator. Before extending the boom, please double-check that the outriggers are properly supported.

Remote control the first boom to confirm the safety

After confirming that all the outriggers settings are reliable and effective, you’d better control the first and second booms to confirm the safety and stability of the outriggers.

The specific method is to unfold the first or the second sections of the boom to 90 degrees. keep the second boom no more than one meter away from the ground.

Retract your booms if it rains

If you encounter unexpected solutions such as rain, leakage from the outrigger cylinders, which impact the stability of the outriggers, you should immediately fold the boom.

In addition, when setting up the pump truck, it is best to keep the tires about 5cm away from the ground, otherwise, the vehicle will shake caused by the swing of the pump truck’s S swing pipe and the pressure, which will damage the running mechanism of the vehicle.

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