Concrete Mixer Pump Truck For Sale

Concrete mixer pump truck for sale from LUTON GROUP is characterized as reasonable price, extordinary working and transporting performance, long service life and strong pumping capacity. Designed with multiple functions, concrete mixing, pumping, placing, transporting, LUTON concrete mxier pump truck is known as versatile superstar in concrete construction industry.

concrete mixing boom pump truck

Now concrete mixer pump truck is widely used in various sized construction projects, including urban and rural infrastructure constructions, bridges and highways, national roads and rural ways, subway and railway stations, power and energy projects, and so on.

There are several different types of LUTON concrete mixer pump truck for sale, supplying ideal concete solutions for all kinds of construction projects.

Hot Models of LUTON Concrete Mixer Pump Truck For Sale

Hot models of LUTON Concrete mixer pump truck includes concrete line pump truck with mixer and concrete boom with mixer pump truck. The main difference between the two types is the conveying method. The former transports concrete through steel pipes and hoses, while the latter conveys concrete through boom placer.

Concrete Line Pump Truck with Mixer

Concrete line pump truck with mixer known as truck-mounted concrete mixer pump, is actually a concrete mixer pump amounted on a truck chassis. LUTON concrete line pump truck with mixer is designed without boom but equipped with pipeline for flexible concrete conveying. Thanks for the steel pipes and hoses placed according to the actual situation of construction site, our concrete mixer pump truck can deal with all kinds of concrete conveying on different construction sites. Especially for the projects located on the narrow channel, tunel, high-rise and underground site.

Price Range: $45,000 – $95,000

truck mounted concrete pump in Saudi Arabia
Concrete output (m3/h)50
Pump Pressure (Mpa)9
Main Motor Power (kw)45
Mixer ModelJS500
Main Oil Pump Cylinder × Stroke (mm) Φ100×1000
Conveying Cylinder × Stroke (mm) Φ200×1000
Max. aggregate diameter (mm) Gravel 40 / Pebble 50

Concrete Mixer with Boom Pump Truck

Concrete mixer with boom pump truck, also known as truck-mounted concrete mixer with boom pump. Designed with intelligent boom placer, LUTON concrete mixer with boom pump truck can convey concrete materials over obstacles on air to destinations, such as wide river and deep intches that pipes cannot beyond.

concrete mixer boom pump truck
Generator EngineStraight 6 Cylinder
Boom Form4 Section Hydraulic Fold
Platform Rotation360°
Boom Horizontal Length/ Depth19.73/23 m
Hydraulic System Pressure20 MPa
Conveying Pipe DiameterΦ125 mm

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LUTON Concrete Mixer Pump Truck All Over the World

Thanks for the efficient performance, convenient operation and competitive price of our equipment, LUTON concrete mixer pump trucks have been exported around the world and gained a great reputation among our global customers!

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Luton Concrete Mixer Pump Truck Sold to Saudi Arabia

Luton Concrete Mixer with Boom Pump Truck to India

concrete mixer boom pump truck

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