Placing Boom Concrete Pump

Placing boom concrete pump, exactly speaking, is a flexible concrete placing boom connected to a concrete trailer pump or a concrete pump truck. It is mainly composed of tower, turnable, balance arm, boom assembly, hydraulic system, electrical control system, etc.. In construction process, placing boom concrete pump plays an important role on delivering and pumping concrete materials. It is widely used in various construction projects.

LUTON Placing Boom Concrete Pump
Full Hydraulic Drive / Smooth & Stable Performance
Simple Installation & Convenient Transportation
Easy Operation And Maintenance
Require Professional Operator

Hot-sale Models Of LUTON Concrete Placing Boom

mobile concrete placing boom
Installation ModeMobile Type
ModelsHGY13, HGY15, HGY17, HGY19, HGY21, HGY23
Max. Placing Radius13m-23m
System Pressure16Mpa-32Mpa
Conveying PipeΦ125*4
Hose Length3m
Boom Working Range -4° – 90°
elevator shaft type of concrete placing boom
Installation ModeElevator Type
ModelsHGY19, HGY21
Placing Boom Length19m-21m
System Pressure32Mpa
Conveying PipeΦ125
Hose Length3m
Working Temperature-5℃ – 40℃
floor type concrete placing boom
Installation ModeFloor Type
ModelsHGY24/3, HGY32/3
Placing Boom Length32m
System Pressure32Mpa
Conveying PipeΦ125
Working Altitude22.5m
Working Temperature-20℃ – 40℃

Just like a huge mechanical arm, it can deliver high-pressured concrete mixture to the construction site. Compared with other concrete conveying equipment, it has a wider application range, with more flexible operation and higher pouring efficiency. Placing boom pump now has been widely used in building construction, high-speed railway construction, road and bridge constuction, water conservancy and hydropower and other projects.

High Production Efficiency

With wide placing range, flexible operation and efficient conveying system, placing boom can quickly and continuously transport concrete materials to any pouring part of the construction site.

Strong Assurrence Of Concrete Quality

As a concrete conveying equipment cooperated with concrete pump, placing boom conveys concrete mixture to pour points stably and evenly, ensuring the concrete quality.

Time And Labor Saving

The high automation of placing boom pump avoid many unavoidable troubles from manual methods. It greatly reduces the labor intensity and shortening the construction period.

Long Service Life

Because the placing boom rod does not directly contact with the framework and the building structure, it avoids the incurable damage to the structure due to vibration and burst mode.

LUTON Concrete Placing Boom Pump

LUTON placing boom machine, driven by hydraulic energy, further improves the pouring efficiency and the operating mode. It also effectively reduces labor costs. It is a new type of intelligent placing boom machine.

First of all, the new full hydraulic boom technology adopts an R-shaped three section folding arm structure. It makes the boom placer with 360°full rotation. And it can also complete the boom’s pitch variation, as well as arm extension and folding movements.

Second, without affection by the sizes and shapes of the construction layers, LUTON boom machine can adapt to various construction environment.

Then, LUTON concrete placing boom pump has compact structure, capable of lifting and shifting, without need for fixation. It can be lifted to a suitable pouring location, and can be used on floors and platforms, with strong flexibility and maneuverability.

What’s more, LUTON boom placer has simple operation, scientific safety protection device. It is so economical and efficient, and more suitable for high-rise and super high-rise construction projects with hoistway.

Types of Placing Boom Concrete Pump

Now placing boom concrete pumps have been participating in various construction engineering fields more and more widely and deeply. Various types of concrete placing boom have emerged, to meet the needs of concrete pouring and pumping in different engineering projects. At present, there are some types of concrete placing boom pump in the market:

Floor Type

floor type placing boom

Mobile Type

mobile placing boom concrete pump

Elevator Shaft Type

elevator shaft type of concrete placing boom

Ship-mounted Type

ship mounted type

Applications Of Placing Boom Concrete Pump

placing boom with pump onsite

At present, placing booms are mainly used in building construction, road and bridge engineering, tunnel construction, and water conservancy and hydropower engineering fields, and so on.

First, concrete placing boom machine can be used to lay and pour floors, walls, roofs, columns, beams and other structures. It ensures the structural strength and waterproofing of buildings.

Second, in road construction projects, concrete spider placer can achieve automated pouring of road surfaces, shoulders, drainage ditches, etc. It ensure the smoothness, structural strength, and bearing capacity of the road.

Third, in bridge construction, concrete placing boom can also be used for pouring bridge decks, piers, and columns to ensure the structural strength and durability of the bridge.

Also, in tunnel construction, placing boom machines are used for laying and reinforcing tunnel walls to ensure the stability and waterproof performance of the tunnel.

What’s more, in the field of venue construction, placing boom machines are mainly used to lay and harden the surface of the venue for vehicles and personnel to pass through.

With the continuous increase in construction demand, the production technology of Placing boom concrete pump will be improve continuously. And they will play important roles in more and more construction fields.

Why Choose LUTON

LUTON GROUP has experience of concrete machinery production and exportation for more than 30 years. We provide high quality concrete pumping equipment for 100+ countries. The products include concrete trailer pump, concrete mixer pump, concrete pump truck, concrete boom pump, placing boom, self loading concrete mixer, concrete mixer machine, etc., gaining more and more affirmation and reliance around the world.

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