Concrete Pumping Equipment

Concrete pumping equipment here refers to a series of machines, devices and special vehicles for concrete mixing, pumping, conveying and pouring operation on various construction sites. These devices work together to complete the heavy construction tasks efficiently and accurately, ensuring construction quality and progress.

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Concrete Conveying Pump

Concrete conveying pump is the most common concrete pumping equipment in modern construction, usually driven by diesel or electric energy. It can pump concrete of different proportions to a height of more than 100m, or 1000m away, greatly saving time and labor costs. At present, the pumps of LUTON GROUP have been exported to more than 100 countries worldwide. They are widely used in construction sites of various large, medium and small projects, including infrastructure construction, highway and bridge construction, water conservancy engineering, airport, train station, subway station construction projects, civil building construction, commercial high-rise buildings, and so on.

In the concrete market of the world, LUTON pumping equipment has unique competitiveness and has received good feedback from users in various regions. With mature technology and high cost-effectiveness, LUTON PUMPS have become a fixed choice in the hearts of many customers. Here are our star products.

Concrete Trailer Pump

60m3 diesel pump LUTON GROUP
Power EnergyDiesel / Electric
Range of Output Capacity30-100 m3/h
Distribution Valve TypeS valve
Max. Pumping Pressure6-20 Mpa
Diesel Engine Power 52-199 KW From Yuchai/Weichai
Electric Engine Power37-110 KW
Max. Verticle Transportation300m
Max. Horizontal Transportation1200m

Small Concrete Pump

LT-8A secondary constructral pump
power15 kw
maximum aggregate< 20 mm
vertical conveying height20 m
horizontal conveying distance60 m
transport capacity6-8 m3/h
pipe diameter80 mm
cylinder diameter*stroke120 mm*360 mm

Concrete Mixer Pump

The mixing pump, as a seamless integration of concrete conveying pump and mixer, integrates the on-site mixing and pumping work of concrete. This provides an ideal solution for more efficient and convenient concrete pumping construction needs. Our mixing pump also has two optional driving methods, diesel or electric.

Concrete Drum Mixer Pump

Power EnergyDiesel / Electric
Range of Output Capacity30-50 m3/h
Distribution Valve TypeS valve
Max. Pumping Pressure6-10 Mpa
Diesel Engine Power 52-92 KW From Yuchai/Weichai
Electric Engine Power37-45 KW
Mixer TypeDrum Mixer

Concrete Twin-shaft Mixer Pump

JBS40D-JS500 electric concrete mixer pump with twin shaft concrete mixer LUTON GROUP 2023
Power EnergyDiesel / Electric
Range of Output Capacity40 m3/h
Mixer ModelJS500/JS750
Main oil pump discharge (ml/r)112
Diesel Engine Power 129 KW From Weichai
Electric Engine Power45 KW
Mixer TypeTwin-horizontal-shaft Mixer

Concrete Vertical-shaft Mixer Pump

LUTON self loading mixer truck with pan mixer
Power EnergyDiesel / Electric
Range of Output Capacity40 m3/h
Mixer Discharge Capacity (L)750 / 1000
Max. Pumping Pressure (MPa)10
Diesel Engine Power 82KW / 129KW From Weichai
Electric Engine Power55KW/90KW
Mixer TypeVertical-shaft Mixer

Concrete Boom Pump Truck

A concrete boom pump truck is a type of concrete pumping vehicle that utilizes a rotating, telescopic and foldable boom delivery arm to directly transport concrete to the construction site. After arriving at the site, once the parking location is selected, the concrete conveying operation can be carried out immediately, which is simple, fast, labor- and raw material saving.

Small Concrete Boom Pump

small concrete boom pump truck
Max. Theo. Concrete Output40-50 m3/h
Vertical Height of Boom15.4m /22m
Radius of Place Concrete13-16m / 20m
Max. Pumping Pressure10 MPa
Diesel Engine Model82KW Weichai / WP4G110E220
Max. Aggregate Diameter30mm
Inside Diameter of Delivering PipeФ100 / Ф125

Big Concrete Boom Truck

Concrete Pump Truck-LUTON GROUP 2024
Max. Theo. Concrete Output85-200 m3/h
Vertical Height of Boom30m~61m
Turntable Rotation Angle±210° ~ ±360°
Max. Pumping Pressure7.5~10 MPa
Diesel Engine ModelYUCHAI / YC6J200-52
Cummins / ISGe5-400 / ISGe5-430
Inside Diameter of Delivering PipeФ125
Folded Form4Z, 5RZ, 6RZ, 7R

Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

truck mounted concrete mixing pump in saudi arabia
Max. Theo. Concrete Output50 m3/h
Main Motor Power45KW
Max. Pumping Pressure9 MPa
Conveying cylinder*stroke (mm*mm)Φ200*1000
Max. Aggregate DiameterGravel 40mm / Pebble 50mm
Mixer ModelJS500
Feeding Height of Pumping Hopper (mm)1500

Concrete Mixer Truck

Concrete mixer truck, also known as concrete conveying mixer truck, is a common transportation vehicle in urban and rural concrete construction projects. This type of vehicle can transport pre mixed concrete (either dry or wet) produced from the mixing plants to various the construction sites. During transportation, the mixing tank loaded with concrete on the mixer truck continuously rotates to prevent the solidification or segregation of concrete and ensure its quality. Concrete mixer trucks have become an indispensable and important part of concrete construction.

16M3 mixer truck
Tank Agitation Volume12m³
Water Tank Capacity300L
Reducer / Hydraulic PumpRexroth
Feed Speed8m3/min
Discharge Speed2m3/min
Tank Speed1~3r/m
Concrete Slump20mm/tank

Concrete Boom Placer

Concrete boom placer is also a type of concrete conveying machine. It is often used in conjunction with concrete pumps t transport concrete t the precise position required for construction through the strong pressure of hydraulic distribution rods. Especially suitable for the large pouring areas or high-rise construction projects.

Mobile Concrete Boom Pump from LUTON GROUP
Installation ModeMobile Type
ModelsHGY13, HGY15, HGY17, HGY19, HGY21, HGY23
Max. Placing Radius13m-23m
System Pressure16Mpa-32Mpa
Conveying PipeΦ125*4
Hose Length3m
Boom Working Range -4° – 90°

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

Self loading concrete mixer truck is a kind of efficient on-site concrete treatment truck. With easy operation, automatic loading, weighing, mixing and unloading functions, it can be considered as a portable concrete batching plant. What’s more, its powerful ability of transporting and climbing can make your project especially on mountainous areas easy and efficient. We’re proud that the LT series of LUTON self loading concrete mixer truck is One of the best-selling LUTON products around the world.

Discharge Output2.0-6.5 m3/batch
Capacity8-26 m3/h
Oil Tank16L
Water Tank500-1465 L

Why Choose LUTON

LUTON GROUP has experience of concrete machinery production and exportation for more than 30 years. We provide high quality concrete pumping equipment for 100+ countries. The products include concrete trailer pump, concrete mixer pump, concrete pump truck, concrete boom pump, placing boom, self loading concrete mixer, concrete mixer machine, etc., gaining more and more affirmation and reliance around the world.

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