Concrete Mixer with Pump for Sale

The concrete mixer with pump is a popular and commonly seen pumping machine to mix and pump wet concrete to the required place. Our concrete mixer with a pump for sale is designed to adopt wide construction scenarios. And our pumps save your money because you don’t need to buy another shaft.

concrete mixer with pump for sale

The Concrete Mixer Pump For Sale Models

Luton produces different models of concrete mixer pump to meet all requirement of construction. And our cement pump with mixer stands out for low price, high quality, and the best after-sale service.

Here are our most popular concrete mixer with pump machine models:

Diesel concrete mixer pump specifications

luton concrete mixer pumps
diesel concrete mixing pumps
ModelDiesel Type JBS30CDiesel Type JBS40C
Max. theo. concrete outputm³/h3040
Distribution valve typeS  ValveS  Valve
Diesel engine modelWeichaiWeichai
Max. aggregate diametermmSlick/scree:10/20Slick/scree:40/50
Max. Theoretical Verticalm120120
Horizontal Conveying Distancem300500

Electric concrete mixer pump specifications

static concrete mixer with pump
electric concrete mixer pump
ModelUnitElectric Type
Electric Type
Max. theo. concrete outputm³/h3040
Distribution valve typeS  ValveS  Valve
Electrical engineering powerKW3745
Max. Theoretical Verticalm120300
Horizontal Conveying Distancem120500

Why Trust Luton

luton's honors and CE

Exporting concrete pump to 100+ countries

Owning 20 honors and 6 patent

Cooperating with 30+ famous and major enterprises
Wide range of pump choices

Supporting machine customization service

Professional engineer team and experts

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What Service Can You Get from Luton?

When purchasing a concrete mixer pump, after-sale service is crucial aspect clients consider. To address clients’ concerns, Luton has established an excellent customer service solution system.

  professional pre-sale advice and suggestions

All spare replaceable parts and countries

Free operating training

Prompt and fast delivery

Only pay for what you get

Instructions on installing and maintenance

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Customer Feedbacks: 100% Satisfaction

“It is great to use! Very effective and powerful. 40 m³/h output is the suitable capacity for my house repairing and construction.”

“Nice experience with Luton group. Their team is professional and gave me many useful suggestions!

“It saves labor and time. Easy to operate and relocte!”

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What Are the Main Differences between Concrete Mixer Pump and Concrete  Trailer Pump?

Both trailer cement pump and concrete mixing pump are the main hot-sale concrete pumping tools at Luton. A lot of customers are puzzled regarding what distinctions between them and which one must be selected for their building tasks.

  • The primary distinction between trailer mounted pump and mixer pump is whether have a concrete mixer or not.

The tiny concrete mixer and also the pump is a mix of concrete mixer and concrete pump. It has dual functions: mixing and also pumping.

However, the trailer kind is simply one item of pumping equipment. Both of them are portable concrete pumps.

  • Another difference is output capacity.

Trailer concrete pump has a wider range of abilities concerning 40 m³/h to 80 m³/h, which is suitable for tool and also large building projects.

While the cement mix pump has a smaller sized capacity concerning 30 m³/h and 40 m³/h, which is appropriate for tiny and also medium building and construction things, such as roads, homes, low-rise buildings, bridges.

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Benefits of Luton Concrete Pump with Mixer

why concrete pump with mixer

1. Cement mixer pump is a new type of concrete pump, which is particularly design for tiny civil building projects.

2. Concrete mixer with pump has high automation as well as conserves money as well as labor greatly.

3. Outfitted with a top-notch system, the cement mixer as well as the pump has stable efficiency and low failure price, and also high reliability.

4. Besides, the mixer pump also is used to deliver greening dirt, fundamental grout and sludge.

5. With a totally automated construction procedure system, mobile concrete pumping devices have the feature of feeding products, blending, and also high-pressure pumping. So concrete mixer device with pump is characteristic of easy operation, secure performance and also flexible activity.

6. Closed-type hydraulic system can mostly reduce functioning sound and also ensure a comfortable workplace.

7. The Independent cleaning system of our pump mixer provides hassle-free cleaning and prolongs the service life of pumps.

8. Our concrete mixer pump has a long horizontal as well as vertical pumping range, which can totally satisfy your pumping need as well as demands.

9. Our diesel concrete mixer with pump is outfitted with an intelligent electronic control system, which can instantly readjust the speed of the diesel engine, following the smooth operating of the equipment, and also conserves gas intake.

10. Hydraulic oil cooling embraces an advanced air cooling system, and also it has no need for water as well as basic procedures.

11. Diesel concrete mixer with pump has a solid anti-pump feature, which can substantially lower pipe obstruction of the devices.

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Factors that Influence the Price of Concrete Pump with Mixer for Sale

The price of a concrete mixer pump is the primary factor that many customers values before purchasing. After consulting various manufacturers online and offline, you will find that the price are diverse.

Therefore, what are factors influence the pricing? Knowing this helps you to make a wiser decision.

Concrete pump capacity

First of all, besides the concrete mixer with pump, there are other pump types including trailer pump, truck-mounted concrete pump, and concrete boom pump with different capacities.

Furthermore, the capacities of the exact same concrete pumps additionally have diverse costs. Taking concrete mix pump, for example, larger ability, higher rate. 40 m³/h cement pump is more costly than 30 m³/h pump. Additionally, the engines also have some impacts. A concrete pump with a diesel engine is a little pricey than that with an electrical engine.

Raw material

The material is an unstable factor and has an impact on pricing. Because the raw material can fall and down at any time influenced by many aspects.

For example, the concrete pump truck is made of steel as the raw material, and when the price of steel rises, the total price of the machine will increase too.


The difference in several vital parts straight influences the device price, such as the chassis and also electric units.

For example, in the option of hydraulic parts, the price difference between residential elements and also imported international elements is fairly big.

A certain cost can be established according to your demands as well as the firm’s configuration.

After-sale service

Customer service also can significantly influence the price of tools. Some companies can sell more affordable concrete pumps because they do not give all-around after-sales service.

As we all recognize, the device with the finest after-sales solution can help solve numerous problems when there is something incorrect with your equipment operating.

Therefore, it is much better to pick a concrete cement pump with mindful after-sales service!

Luton is one of the most expert concrete pump manufacturesrs. With advanced innovation and also well after-service, our items, such as cement mixer pump and also concrete pump, are popular around the world, such as in Russia, Indonesia, Philippines, Guinea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Oman, and so on. We are looking forward to your query!

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