Concrete Pump Repair

concrete pump repair

Concrete pump repair is an important part of LUTON GROUP after-sale service. It is a strong technical support from LUTON GROUP for customers’ construction projects. It is also a serious and responsible attitude towards products and customers.

During the construction process, as long as the concrete pump equipment is used and maintained correctly according to the operating standards, it will maintain stable and efficient operation. But in occasional situations, malfunctions may suddenly occur due to various reasons. Don’t worry, you only need to contact our 24h-online technical support at once. And LUTON will provide you with the best solution. Regarding the concrete pump repair, there are also some attentions and steps to help you effectively take measures in case of emergencies and avoid the occurrence of secondary failures.

Concrete Pump Repair Under Sudden Malfunctions

Immediate Shutdown Inspection

Once abnormal phenomenons are found in the concrete pump, such as abnormal sound, increased vibration, abnormal delivery pressure, etc., the machine should be stopped immediately. And the power should be cut off, also the pumping button should be turned off.

Fault Diagnosis

Conduct a preliminary diagnosis, basing on the fault symptoms, combined with common faults and troubleshooting techniques of concrete pumps. Inspect key components such as circuits, hydraulic systems, and pumping systems to determine the specific cause of the malfunction.


Take corresponding troubleshooting methods for the cause of the malfunction.

For example, if the malfunction is caused by a blockage in the discharge port, you can try pouring cement slurry into the hopper. By repeatedly starting the pump in both forward and reverse directions, the pipeline and discharge port will no longer be blocked.

If it is an electrical fault, such as the main motor cannot start or cannot reach the speed, you should check the circuit, power supply voltage, transformer capacity, etc.

When troubleshooting, it is essential to follow the usage specifications and safety operation requirements of the concrete pump.

Preventive Measures

After troubleshooting, a comprehensive inspection and maintenance should be carried out on the concrete pump to ensure that the equipment is in good working condition.

remote control

Strengthen the daily maintenance and upkeep, regularly inspect the working conditions of key parts such as electrical components, hydraulic systems, and pumping systems, etc.

Improve the skills and safety awareness of operators to avoid malfunctions caused by improper operation.

Recording and Reporting

Operators should record the working condition, fault occurrence, and handing process of the concrete pump as required. Meanwhile, operators should provide reference for future equipment management and maintenance. If the malfunction is severe or cannot be resolved by yourself, you should report it to relevant departments or professional maintenance personnel for assistance.

Safety Precautions

When troubleshooting and repairing, ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. Follow safety operating procedures and wear protective equipment.

It is strictly prohibited to open hydraulic pipe joints or loosen hydraulic flange bolts before unloading the hydraulic system. Because that will cause injury by high-pressure hydraulic oil spraying.

By following these steps, it is possible to effectively avoid secondary failures of concrete pumps during the troubleshooting process. Also ensures the normal operation of equipment and the safety of construction.

Steps And Precautions For Repair

Preparation Before Repair

  • Confirm The Fault

Before repairing, it is necessary to determine the specific type of fault firstly. Common faults include the inability of the main motor to start or reach the speed, insufficient hydraulic oil, ineffective operation of the cooler fan, excessive dust on the hear sink, and internal leakage in the hydraulic system.

  • Prepare Tools And Spare Parts

Based on the type of fault, prepare corresponding maintenance tools and spare parts to ensure the smooth progress of maintenance work.

Concrete Pump Repair Steps

  • Power Outage

Before maintenance, the machine must be shut down, the power supply must be cut off, and all valves must be closed to ensure safety.

  • Drain Hydraulic Oil

Drain all hydraulic oil from cylinders and pipes for maintenance purposes.

  • Dismantling and Maintenance

Based on the actual situation, break down the faulty components, inspect the extent of damage, clean impurities, replace damaged parts, and reassemble them.

  • Exhaust And Oil Filling

Drain all gas, then fill the hydraulic oil tank with new hydraulic oil. At last discharge the air from the oil pipe from a lower position.

  • Troubleshooting

Start up and test run the machine, pay attention to the pressure, temperature,and noise of the hydraulic oil, and ensure that the maintenance work is correct.

concrete mixer pump JBS40

Maintenance Precautions

Before maintenance, it is necessary to confirm that the maintenance tools and spare are fully prepared, and coordinate with the production and maintenance departments.

During the maintenance process, safety operating procedures should be strictly followed to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

After maintenance, inspection and trial operation are required to confirm that there are no problems before use.

Common Faults And Handling Methods

  • The main motor cannot start of cannot reach the speed

Check if the switch is closed, if there are any problems with the circuit, if the power supply voltage is normal, and if the hydraulic system operation is correct.

  • Insufficient Hydraulic Oil

Add hydraulic oil to the specified position in a timely manner.

  • The Cooling Fan is not functioning Properly

Check whether the fan motor and circuit are normal, and clean the dust and debris on the fan.

  • Excessive dust on the heat sink

Regularly clean the dust on the heat sink to ensure good heat dissipation.

  • Internal leakage in hydraulic system

Check the leakage point, replace damaged seals or pipelines, and ensure good system sealing.

By following the above steps and precautions, the maintenance work of the concrete pump can be effectively carried out, ensuring the normal operation and service the life of the equipment.

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