Concrete Trailer Pump To Jamaica

Concrete trailer pump to Jamaica successfully completed on Sep. 24th, 2013. This is another more export case of the hot-sale model HBS50 from LUTON GROUP this year. Since then, the market coverage of LUTON concrete pump products has been expanded again!

Not very long, this HBS50 will play a crucial role in local construction projects, first, a building construction, then a rural residential communities project, and so on. Just like other applications around the world, it is believed this LUTON HBS50 will show outstanding performance in local.

concrete trailer pump to Jamaica
Production Capacity – 50m3/h
Pumping Pressure – 10MPa
Diesel Engine Power – 92KW
Max. Transportation (vertical / horizontal) – 150m / 600m

HBS50 Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump

HBS50 diesel concrete trailer pump is a hot model of LUTON pump products, with middle size of production capacity, 50m3/h, it can be widely used in many types of construction sites. Such as high-rise building, community construction project, road and bridge building, school and museum projects, and so on.

After communication on the actual needs of the client and the specification of the construction project, the final plan was quickly finalized. For the need of efficient and stable concrete supply, this set of HBS50, was conducted the strict production and monitoring process.

LUTON Concrete Trailer Pump Parameter

Whole performanceMax.theo.concrete output (Low pressure/High pressure)m3/h30405067/4584/4590/57
Max.concrete pumping pressure(Low pressure/High pressure)MPa610107/137/1620/14
Distribution valve type SSSSSS
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokemmФ200×500Φ180/1300Ф200×800Φ200/1650Φ200/1800Ф200*1600
Outlet diametermmФ180Ф150Ф180Ф180Ф180Ф180
Diesel engine model YuchaiWeichaiYuchaiWeichaiWeichaiWeichai
Diesel engine powerKW528292129176199
The biggest transportation (vertically/Level)m100/300120/500150/600180/1000260/1200300/1200
Other parametersMax. aggregate diametermmScree:40Scree:40Scree:40Scree:40Scree:40Scree:40
Inside diameter of delivering pipemmФ125Ф125Ф125Ф125Ф125Ф125

Export Cases Show Of LUTON Concrete Pump

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